Easy Extra Apparel Layers

MOD Desc
Easy Extra Apparel Layers
This mod makes worn apparel render in acending order of the apparels last ApparelLayerDef’s drawOrder.
Higher order layers will be drawn above/ontop of lower ordered layers.

No content is included in this mod, there is an Underwear Apparel layer def, and a commented out example apparel thingdef.

made for malistaticy

TL;DR yeah its pretty neat. After 200+ hours (including some hours from before it on was on steam), I can confidently say this game is ing fantastic. Rimworld is visually simple but devilishly complex with many subtle nuances that can be discovered and learnt to help you die slightly less sooner. Esentially, you are given an ‘x’ amount of colonists (or pawns) and you are given the responsibility to make them not die. Although the ultimate goal is to get off the planet, the game doesn’t push you to do this, and you can simply continue to improve your colony’s living standard or see how many hats you a make with human leather.

‘The Doctor is fighting the amputee again’ Different colonists have diffrent skills (cooking, shooting, medicine etc.) as well as hard-wired traits (kind, psychopath, misogynist etc.) as well as a social system which all factor whether you colony survives or burns down after your best soldier goes postal after their cat gets killed. Hilarity ensues when two colonists beat the out of eachother after an insult during a wildfire.

‘Toxic Volcanic Winter Tornado Fallout’ The game also features three A.I. storytellers that essentially decide when events should happen in game. The first is Cassandra Classic, which starts off relatively easy and difficulty curves as your colony becomes more successful; a traditional story arch. Phoebe Chillax is simillar to Cassandra Classic but provides longer gaps between the worst events, to provide a more forgiving experience. Lastly, Randy Random, as the name implies, is less predictable than the other two. It can be extremely nice or extremely horrible, as well as anything inbetween. As well as this, there are 6 seperate difficulty levels, depending on on how much you enjoy suffering. (all of these can be changes anytime during gameplay)

‘Cobras, Thrumbos and Bears, oh my!’ The game also has metric f*cktonnes of flora and fauna, which each inhabit various biomes. This goes from domestic animals such as dogs and cats, more wild animals such as elephants, cougars and cobras to genetically engineered super-animals such as wargs (wolves on steroids), Boomalopes (explosive antelopes) and Thurmbos (I don’t even know, some kind of killer unicorn). All of which can be tamed and most of which can be trained to protect and attack, and even carry objects and rescue downed colonists. There are also many various plants that grow natrually or can be cultivated to provide resources: such as cotton for clothes, rice for food or Healroot for herbal medicine, to name a few.

Is it good? Yeah, it’s pretty neat. Provides plenty of gametime, as well as mods from the steam workshop if selling space crack to buy bionic arms gets boring. I’ve skipped over alot in this review but i’m sure if you look into the game further you’ll find what you want to know. Overall Rating: Yes

It’s Dwarf Fortress for those of us who were always interested in its concept, but couldn’t get through the ASCII wall and the learning curve, in a space setting that’s heavily inspired by Firefly (so there are a multitude of worlds with varying degrees of technology advancement, and you’re going to see people from all sorts of backgrounds). You’re in charge of guiding a group of colonists through their trials and tribulations in one of the titular Rim Worlds; distant, isolated planets lacking in strong central government and low in population density, and your job is to get them to stay alive long enough to… do whatever you want, really. There is a clear ‘end game’ goal here (build / access a ship and escape the planet), but the real fun of the game comes from developing your base in whatever way you want, for as long as you can, while surviving the ever-escalating threats that the AI will throw at you.

Both in art style and construction-oriented gameplay, the game is immediately reminiscent of Prison Architect, but Rimworld is much more than that, as it’s also packing a surprisingly deep combat system that demands careful planning, both while building and during combat itself, if you want your colonists to live to see another day. The AI ‘storytellers’, a concept not unlike L4D’s ‘director’, ensures that you meet a level of challenge that, at the very least, will give you a memorable tale to share after your colonists’ demise.

And when the time comes and your colonists die, you WILL feel it. There are many, many easy / dumb ways to die in this game, and learning about them is part of the experience; you’ll just HAVE to tell your friends about the one animal handler who died in combat, only to have one of his pets go mad from grief and butcher one of your colonists, or the colonist that sacrificed his life so you could learn about cave-ins the hard way, or the dangers of running a drug operation in a colony full of stressed people fearing for their lives…

If there’s one negative aspect about it, it’s the fact that its tutorial is simply not good enough. Many important mechanics are barely mentioned or not even touched upon (setting work priorities manually is one such glaring omission); losing colonists because of mistakes you’re aware of or gambles gone wrong is fine, but having them die because you didn’t understand a part of the UI is frustrating, and there may be a lot of that if you don’t go looking for tips before diving in too deep.

Overall though, it’s an amazing game. It’s in Early Access not because of it being a buggy mess, unplayable or imbalanced; it’s simply there to let buyers know that there’s still more content being added to it, and the end of early access will mean the end of development for the game. I can’t recommend this game enough, it’s absolutely worth it at full price!

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