Racc Race

MOD Desc
The Racc are a raccoon humanoid species obsessed with intelligence and espionage.
Uses the Alien Framework V2.0 by Erdelf and co.

Custom backstories and name generators

Art (Heads and tails) by Nackblad and Xen.
(this is a race and faction only – no items included)

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I really have no idea whats causing it. Im using vegetable garden and fertile planet so have a ton of plants on map but disabled alien races and im not seeing the issue this time around. I got a little fps dip but not the crazy stuttering every 4-5 steps my pawns moved. I want to say it has something to do with Raccs fur coats in the winter time but thats cause I dont know what else it could be.

Actually, it’s more weird than that.I’ve come back to my savegame after a while and had a pink square instead of a tail. However, the wording for that misplaced tail and the tails on my other pawns was different (‘bionic racc tail’ instead of ‘racc bionic tail’ or the other way around, I don’t remember exactly at this point). So I removed that particular tail, made a new one and it worked fine.

Anyone else getting FPS drop when using this mod and it gets cold? Whenever I play on boreal map it was stuttering as soon as it got cold out not sure if its this mod doing it but like clockwork as soon as it got cold out the game started to stutter to the point of being annoyingly unplayable. There is talk about this issue on alien races thread too if it helps

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