[1.2] Playable Shattered Empire

MOD Desc
This mod requires Harmony, Vanilla Factions Expanded Core and the Royalty DLC to run. Now works in version 1.2!

—[Mod Description]—
This is a mod that adds a new playable faction into the game, making it so you can play as a division to The Shattered Empire. You’ll only be able to play it if you play the scenario that comes with it, or if you make your own scenario using the mod and the scenario editor. You will still have to research everything that comes after a Multi-Analyzer.
Requires a new game. This mod does not add any new items.

Please take note that when you start a game with the scenario, you’ll get at least six letters with a royal title gain with more for each time you randomize your starter pawns. If you randomize your pawns twenty times, you’ll get twenty letters. Right click all of them at the start of game to dismiss them.

tl;dr It’s pretty much a glorified scenario where you get to play as the Shattered Empire. No new items or anything fancy. Also right click to dismiss title gain letters.

—[Scenario Backstory]—
After years of serving under The Empire, the High Stellarch themself have tasked you with constructing a new Imperial Outpost to assert further control over the outer rim, with you being rewarded with the honor of joining their royal court. Will you satisfy the High Stellarch’s orders and ascend to the Imperial Court? Or will you forsake your previous titles to forge your very own Royal Empire with your own personal ship?

Note: Since you start with all factions hostile you will be raided a lot, making this a very difficult scenario. Take full advantage of your Imperial friends and kill or enslave any hostile invaders in the name of The Emperor!

Since this mod relies on Harmony and Vanilla Factions Expanded Core, this mod would obviously not be compatible if any of your mods conflict with those required mods.
Asides from that, this mod is just a scenario with a custom player faction. So it shouldn’t conflict with anything. I think.

If you have any mods that modifies the Empire Faction XML, it most likely won’t work on versions 1.2 and above.

I haven’t tested it with Combat Extended. It should be compatible, mod only changes pawnkinddef, factions_player and faction_empire.

Huge thanks to Ogliss for helping me with the XML work and testing. You should check out his awesome mods, I still use a couple of them myself :^)

Thank you Oskar Potocki, Brrainz, NotFood and everyone at the Vanilla Expanded team for the Vanilla Factions Expanded core mod required for this. You can check out Vanilla Expanded here.

Thank you Tynan Sylvester and everyone at Ludeon Studios for this amazing game.

—[Republishing & Updating]—

You have my full permission to make third party updates to this mod, if I were to stop updating it. However please include a link back to this modpage with credit 🙂

Reuploading this on places like github is also fine, with credit needed much like above however if you encounter any issues with the non-steam versions I probably won’t be able to help.

And if you’re reading this Oskar or anyone at the Vanilla Expanded Team, pls start working on VFE Imperials pls pls pls ur free to take anything from this mod and include it into VFE if u want i actually encourage it u dont even have to credit me thank u

—[Scenario Description]—

Your faction will be a Empire Outpost.
Start with 3 people, chosen from 6.
Your people will be between 24 and 65 years old.
Arrive in drop pods.
Player starting characters have a 15% chance to start with trait: Greedy
Start with research: Compact weaponry
Start with research: Packaged survival meal
Start with research: Long blades
Start with research: Flak armor
Start with research: Precision rifling
Start with research: Geothermal power
Start with research: Noble apparel

Incident created:
-Tribute collector caravan arrival
-Resource pod crash
-Visitor group
-Imperial deserter

Incident(s) disabled:
-Journey offer

Faction relation modifiers:
-All factions (Starting: -100, Natural: -100)
-Shattered empire (Starting: 100, Natural: -100)

Start with:
-Psylink neuroformer
-Silver x1000
-Packaged survival meal x50
-Glitterworld medicine x25
-Component x50
-Assault rifle x2
-Eltex staff
-Advanced component x6
-Gold x200
-Steel x1000
-Wood x600

I think it goes without saying that this is one of the best management titles I have ever played. There is not a single game of Rimworld I have played that I did not enjoy myself while playing. Whether it was my first colony in the shrublands where I launched my 12 colonists to the stars, my most recent run with a lone teenage girl who has become a horrifying folk legend due to her cannibalistic nature, or my future runs where stories will unfold around the survivors of the Sors III on Aldhibain V – I held nothing but passion in my colony and their inhabitants. Rimworld will make you see things from your pawns’ eyes. Rimworld will remind you that day-to-day life can be its own grand story. Rimworld will remind you to cherish and thank your Gods, lest the people you’ve come to cherish will die by their hand.

The Rim is vast and cruel. See to it your colonists prosper – or die in glory.

Another typical day around the camp. I’m swinging a pick on the periphery of the main barracks again, hoping to open up enough room that we’re not always under each other’s feet. The noise from pick on stone isn’t enough to drown out the screams from the lockup where Bodie is amputating the prisoner’s gangrenous leg; I bet he doesn’t even thank Bodie afterwards, assuming of course he lives. And I hope I don’t have to haul the leg out. Arthur is tinkering at his improvised lab bench, trying to figure out how to rig up hydroponic gardens from the junk we have around, so that if the game stops running in the winter we’ll have something to eat. Vas is out right this minute stalking an elk and so far she’s fed us real well, but frankly the more time she spends away from camp the better if you ask me. There’s something dead in those eyes.

It’s not much but it’s home. We call it Hard Times.

I initially backed Rimworld on Kickstarter in November 2013, and it has proven to be a great decision. The game has been in development for nearly three years now, and has been constantly updated during that time period. There is a bit of time between updates (not surprising given the size of the developer), but they always add new and meaningful features to the game.

The gameplay is good too; the game is a Dwarf Fortress-style colony simulator and produces the same sort of crazy stories. However, it is a good deal easier to get into and understand. But the gameplay is almost secondary to the fact that the developer is actually updating it. With the number of Early Access games that have flamed out, it’s really great to see someone who has a proven track record of not abandoning his projects. I’d absolutely recommend Rimworld, even in Early Access, to anyone who is a fan of the genre.

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