Helpful Lights and Miscellany V3.0 A17

MOD Desc
A small mod that tweaks vanilla torches and lamps, adds four lights, glass walls, and advanced sandbag fortifications. Two of the lights are gated behind solar power technology and while expensive, require no power.

This is a relatively impromptu mod made in response to Realistic Nights community requests using assets that i’ve been using in my own game for some time.

The list of changes and additions:

  • Gated under solar power research:
    • Outdoor Ground Lamp: A powerful but expensive solar-powered light only placeable in areas without a roof.
    • Indoor Ground Lamp: A device that harnesses a self-contained Bioluminescent mushroom ecosystem to shed light. Expensive but doesn’t require energy to function. Weaker than a torch and only emits dark-pink light.
  • Wall Light: A light of similar stats to a standing lamp that is attached to a wall.
  • Floor Lamp: A light installed into the floor that takes more power than a standing lamp but also has a higher glow radius. Vanilla standing lamps have a very slight advantage in energy efficiency.
  • Glass Walls: Walls made almost entirely out of polarized tempered glass that allow artificial light to pass through its borders. Probably the single most helpful structure one can build to increase the energy efficiency of a base.
  • Fortification: An expensive upgrade to sandbags that requires a hefty sum of uranium to construct. Sandbags cover = 0.65; Fortification cover = 0.75.
  • Tweaks (overrides) to vanilla torches and standing lamps: Halves standing lamp power consumption and increases glow radius. Increases torch glow radius.[/list]


Would love to see this game multiplayer. Now, before you jump on me for saying that having this sort of game as a multiplayer would be fun, hear me out. Me, my cousin, and a friend all get on skype and play the game together. Not with each other, but together. Now, it’d be nice if we all could have seperate colonies, see where we were going to land so we could be close for trading and maybe even setting up assults on the enemy factions, if thats even a thing. For the whole thing about how everyone would deal with different game speeds, you would just have a promt for everyone in the game if they want to speed it up. Before the game starts, everyone can vote on which events causes the game to go back to regular speed, such as mad animal, raid, mental breaks, etc. After the event is over, then they can vote to speed the game up once again. These are just some ideas.
Multiplayer would be sort of fun, just so i can raid my friends colonies.

Ps. Please fix the combat. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve had a level 14 shooting skill person lose to someone with a level 3 shooting skill. Whats the point of the shooting skill if all you have to have is a gun that shoots faster to win?

ok… so… 4300+ hours at time of writing this… i have owned the game for 2.5 years now about. i run over 180 mods on the game at this time.

i cannot recommend the game enough. you should give it a shot. it has some issues, but they are more desgined issues rather than real issues. the DLC for sale, many people say it isnt worth it, i enjoyed it. it adds a new layer to the game totally. i feel the DLC is worth it.

the mods help robust the game out, add research and other incidents and such, the game can be played as fast or slow, as muicromanaged or hands off as you want. it is a story simulator, not a ‘win the game’ type game, you can ‘win’ in multiple ways, but the main goal is try and escape the planet while the story tellers make it a challenge for you.

oddly enough, up until last night i was playing a fairly clean style of play, meaning i wasnt killing, butchering prisoners, i avoided many of the war crimes other comment on… last night added a mod to torture people…. so… yeah…

look. 4300+ hours should speak for itself… play the game, give it 4-6 hours to learn the mechanics a bit, then start messing around yourself… you will probably love it.

The principle is rather simple: You crash on a planet and you need to survive. Build your base, do research, get raided, take prisoners, eat prisoners, get sad, take drugs, get coin, build spaceship, reach the stars. This is the core concept but only a fraction of the unique possibilities you have every time you start a new colony.

Now this is all without mods. Mods are really what makes this game great. Werewolf Jedi fighting a Lord of the Rings Elven tribe? Sure. Atomic bombs? Say no more. Reaching other planets with a robot colony? Yes sir!
You can modify the game however you like and a 100+ modlist surely is no rarety.

This brings me to the biggest flaw of the game: The game only uses one of your PCs cores. Although its visuals are rather simple once you get into modding the game (which you will soon) you notice that the modded game does need its fair share of recources and your PC will reach its limit in later stages of the game.

In Conclusion: I was a backer on Kickstarter and I have spent around 500 hours with this game even before it was available on Steam. Does it get boring? No. Can it be frustrating? Sometimes. Is it the best game on Steam? IMO 100% yes.

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