VFE Production – Dubs Bad Hygiene

MOD Desc
A simple 3rd-party integration patch for the Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Production mod by Oskar Potocki and Trunken with Dubs Bad Hygiene mod by Dubwise. Please support them!

Not very useful patch because VFE Production already has a patch for Dubs Bad Hygiene. This patch is just an addition.

– Removed Kitchen Sink (Dubs Bad Hygiene).
– Tweaked Kitchen Sink Cabinet configuration.

The graphic used in the preview image for this patch is from Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Production mod and Dubs Bad Hygiene mod. The font used in the preview image was created by Marnador.

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Harsh… Merciless… Disheartening… With endless possibilities.
This game is all about how you choose to overcome obstacles that will definitely hang your colony in a cliff overlooking annihilation. Careful planning and proper management of resources could help you, I guess, if the unpredictability of your mentor’s jackassery didn’t throw all that down the drain…
The graphics aren’t fancy but the game’s mechanics and replayability value sets those to a secondary level. This game shines for the freedom it gives you to act.
With an active modding community, you can even build upon the already existing great potential of this game, with mods such as the RBSE mods, Bad Hygene, Centralized Climate Control, A Dog Said to keep your pets in top shape, full conversion mods like MarsX V3 (sadly defunct), thematic changes like Star Wars or a Zombie Apocalypse, or many extra customizations and items like hairstyles, turrets, etc…

You barricade yourself in your carefully planned base layout and set up good turret defences, shrugging off a wave of raiders twice the size of your colony, while suffering minor injuries… All is well, as your colonists recover at the infirmary.
But suddenly, you get an infestation event, right there at the infirmary. Your poor recovering colonists are immediately decapitated by Megaspiders as you draft your remaining armed colonists to take control of the situation. As you kill off a few Megascarabs, your angelic cat, aptly named “Unstoppable”, goes on a rampage after eating Luciferum for lunch. All you can do is try to make a run for it, if only a that toxic fallout hadn’t just started. In a word, “doomed”…
It’s time to rebuild after losing valuable members of your community (rip Unstoppable), but hey! At least you got a sweet new prisoner with leet crafting skills…

No, you can’t make a catastrophe-proof settlement, but the joy of your apparent thriving and the relationships created between your colonists will bring some joy back to your heart, after the “storm”. You will feel a deep connection to some of them, and will strive to protect them, replace missing limbs with bionics, give them a nice bedroom. Yes, the joys of RimWorld are endless…

Also have a look at the reddit pages dedicated to RimWorld and, if you’re into crazy, r/ShitRimWorldSays (fair warning: not for the feint of heart).

After crossing a third of the planet to reach a derelict ship in hopes of getting off of this forsaken planet, my 6 weary colonists quickly built shelter near the frozen launch site. After a few modest preparations, they restarted the core only to discover it would take 15 days to power up. Food was low, and Archer’s wife was bedridden with brain damage (they all hoped the Luciferium would heal her soon). With temperatures as low as -40 outside, the mood was tense and joyless.

Then the raids came. Every faction on the planet wanted to take the ship for their own purposes. After the second raid, the group realized they were too few in number. They managed to capture and recruit another skilled shooter. Every day was a struggle to bandage wounds, rebuild sandbags, and still find enough time to eat and sleep.

Archer’s wife recovered from her brain damage on day 6, but Vasillisa barely survived a bullet to the brain on day 7 and was bed ridden. Luciferium got her back on her feet, but she wasn’t the same. By day 12, the only food they had was what they stole from the corpses of the raiders. 3 colonists were mentally broken – binging on drugs, hiding in their room, or throwing tantrums. Mendez was in so much pain from her wounds that any further damage incapacitates her. The three raiding parties surrounding their crumbling base had started shooting at each other. It looked like the end…

…but somehow, they survived. There was a break in the fighting on day 13 long enough to heal the wounded and clear some of the bodies. Archer even ‘got some lovin’.’ Somewhere around 150 raiders lay dead on the frozen tundra. The cold kept them from rotting. It was an eerie landscape. Despite building 80 graves, most of the colonists were haunted by the corpses they had seen. Yet all 7 of them had survived, and the ship was almost ready.

On the 15th day, they ran to the ship. Archer stopped long enough to pick up some beer to take with him. Would it still taste good when he awoke? As they sealed themselves in, they could still hear the mortarts being built from the sieging raiders to the south. They had to escape before a shell hit the ship.

And on the 8th of Decembary, 5504, they did indeed escape to the stars, hoping to awake to better life.

> If you have never traveled to the ship, you need to! <

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