MOD Desc
Pawns with shared passions will exchange their knowledge.

Pawns will often chat about skills they both are passionate in.
The less skilled pawn will then gain experience in that field.
If the difference is high they will chat more often and will gain more xp by chatting about that skill.
Also pawns that have shared passions and chat about them will like each other more.

Xp gain respects the daily XP limit in regard that xp gain is reduced if the pawn aquired the points themselves regulary.

You can run this mod with an existing savegame. Removing might give problems though.

Update: Mod is compatible with 0.19 and 1.0 since nothing has changed with the mechanics this mod uses.

  • great idea! some ideas for additional features:- explicit master/apprentice realtionship (‘-5 master died’)- journeyman quests: after gaining so much xp in a skill a pawn can be sent off as a journeyman to gain even moreand at least for me it might be even more fun if the skill gain effect would be balanced out somehow with something negative, like:- abrasive pawn with high skill insults other pawn with low skills- some pawns (maybe lazy or slothful?) with high skills lose skill faster, if there are no other pawns with high skill around, like ‘who cares, if i do a good job? i’m still #1 around here!’. maybe combined with a small mood buff, to make this transparent to the player
  • Pretty unbalanced mod at the moment, seems like it gives huge, stacking bonuses (over time) to relationships (Social tab, how much X likes Y etc.). This leads to quickly almost everyone having +100 liking (some of my pawns actually have way over 400, due to often working next to each other), meaning that nobody is ever mad at anyone else.Of course, it’s possible that some other mod is causing this issue, but for what I know, I’ve installed zero relating to pawn’s social.
  • Idk since it’s only skills that both pawns are passionate in, it’s likely that your level 5 pawn would have gained a lot of that exp on his/her own. Especially since ‘a few hours’ wouldn’t likely result in a lot of conversations unless they happened to be doing the same jobs at the same time in the same area. Unless those few hours were in ultrafast dev mode without any pausing… even then.Just something to think about.
  • I got 3 chars in my new colony. One is a nearly master chef, while the lower is decent at cooking but excelling at hunting… They share the kitchen with butchering (low) and cooking (high).1) Will the master chef learn about hunting, while they talk?2) Does the hunter learn double: talking + butchering?3) WO BLEIBT DIE 0.18 VERSION!?? – just kidding :DI made some notes and while try this mod as soon as it comes for 0.18. Don’t wanna discard 50+ 0.18 mods just for 2-3 0.19 mods. Keep up the good work! Danke vielmals!

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