Feeding Trough

MOD Desc
A Hay Feeding Trough for feeding your animals.
v0.1 initial version.
v0.2 now uses hay as its default storage type
v0.3 added the dynamic priorities feature to prevent constant hauling jobs, see youtube video for details
v0.4 Performance fix. Now uses TickRare() instead of Tick() so it now checks dynamic priorities every 4 seconds instead of 60 times a second. Also fixed a spelling error.

Mod code can be found here: https://github.com/CompiledMayhem/FeedingTrough

Edit: 08/19/2020

Nearly 700 hours later and this game still holds up. The dev is still pushing out patches to fix bugs, active in the community, and is still creating amazing DLC to expand the game even further. The modding community is still creating even bigger and better mods. If you haven’t already bought it, or just haven’t played in a while, I HIGHLY suggest you give it a shot. The game will not let you down.


I’ve been playing RimWorld for a very long time. Way before it came out on Steam, I probably have close to 500 hours in the game already off Steam. Personally I think the game is already great and it just keeps getting better and better as more updates come out. I very rarely encounter any bugs and when I do they barely have an effect on the game play. The modding community is great, people are constantly hard at work to create bigger and better mods. From what I’ve seen the staff is fantastic as well. If you’re worried this game is going to be another one of those early access games that take all your money and then cease development don’t be. It’s been in steady development for years and it’s going to keep going for quite some time.

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