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You Do You: set your colony free This mod takes control of the work tab and automatically assigns priorities based on a variety of factors.

You Do You is both inspired by, and completely contradicts, the popular Work Tab mod by Fluffy . When using this mod, you turn over the colony’s work prioritization to the whims of the colonists, allowing them to decide what jobs they’d like to do all on their own.

But have no fear! The colonists are not specifically trying to make your life difficult. In fact, they are trying their best to keep themselves happy and ensure that all the jobs get done.

PLEASE NOTE This mod is in an alpha release. It is quite likely that it will behave oddly in places or simply not work. I have never seen it corrupt a saved game, but I wouldn’t rule it out entirely.

Does You Do You work with other mods? I wouldn’t try running Work Tab at the same time as this mod. It should work fine, in theory, but just… why would you?

I should note that I rarely play with mods myself. This makes it difficult for me add support for whichever mod you are using. I also take long breaks from the game, so… basically what I’m saying is that I do my best. Post the mod that isn’t working and what you think needs to be changed and I’ll take a look if I can.

Other than that, it should play pretty well, unless the mod is messing with work priorities. It should even partially support work types added by other mods.

What does You Do You do? While the mod is active, it will control all work priorities for all of your colonists. You can still manually queue work, but only if the work type hasn’t been disabled for that colonist.

How does You Do You choose the priorities? For the most part, the priorities are chosen based on colonist traits, needs, skills, health, etc.

Here are a few of insights into how the colonists decide what to do:

  • Colonists want to do things they are good at doing
  • Colonists don’t want to do things they are bad at doing
  • Colonists want to pursue their passions if they are in a good mood
  • Colonists want to tidy up if their environment isn’t very pretty
  • Colonists want to rest if their health is low
  • Colonists who are bored will look for anything they are capable of doing.

The colonists should always elect at least one pawn to do every job (unless no one can do it).

Do the You Do You priorities actually work? Whether or not the priorities work for you depends a lot on your gameplay style. These priorities are based on the system I use in almost every colony I play–and so have seen over 800 hours of development. I don’t play at high difficulties. I prefer watching the story unfold and seeing how colonists develop on their own.

I know this mod won’t work for everyone. It’s not intended to. Give it a go and let me know what you think.

Who is You Do You for? This mod was mostly created for me. I always set up the priorities using the same set of rules, so I figured I may as well automate it and see how well it worked.

Now that the mod is finished and I’ve used it for a while in my own games, I figured it was time to share it.

  • People really new to the game might find it nice to just automate the priorities for a while so they can get used to the other game mechanics.
  • More hardcore players might enjoy the challenge of having to manage even more unruly colonists.
  • Streamers might enjoy having a mod that brings even more story to RimWorld.

Do you have any tips for playing with You Do You active? I would say it’s not usually a good idea to keep lots of stuff to do queued up all over the base. If you give colonists too many things to do, they will just do their favorite things all the time. Pawns with a burning passion for research are a blessing and a curse, as this ends up being about all they ever want to do!

I tend to lay out construction jobs slowly. When I start to notice that cleaning isn’t happening or food is running low, I stop assigning things and let the colonists just catch up for a while. When they start getting bored, I give them more to do.

Can you update the mod so that colonists do X more often and do Y less often? I will potentially update the logic if it makes sense for the character story. I will probably not update the logic just to suit the way you want to play the game. This mod is fundamentally not designed to make the game easier to play.

For example, I’m considering adding prioritization logic based on age. Maybe older colonists prefer research, cleaning, planting, and art; while younger colonists prefer hunting, hauling, mining, and construction? Not sure yet.

I can say that if you want your colonists to do something more often, then you might just have to skill them up in that area. Eventually, they will start to prefer doing the work all on their own. That being said, it’s probably a better idea to just model your base around what your colonists want to do naturally. If you have a colony where no one wants to cook, just give in and build a nutrient paste dispenser – trust me!

Will you be adding more to You Do You? Yes, the goal is to soon remove the work tab completely! I think it’s almost there. I also want to get more colonist ‘personality’ into the game, so that each colonist has their own quirks and you really have to decide who’s worth keeping around.

I really like working on this, but finding good logic that works across the board from colony start to colony death is pretty tricky. Always open to suggestions.


Anyway, I hope you like this alpha release. Feedback appreciated! Cheers!

  • With a lot of pawns there is a high chance that you will loose a few every fight, that being said more than one should be assigned at some arbitrary percentage so the possible replacement will gain skill and be a viable replacement instead of a major set back for the colony. From what it sounds like this mod is more to let the pawns do their own thing, but right now I’m having to intervine way to much to get things done. There isn’t much point in having one of my local psycopaths be the only one that can butcher as they never do it. One would think that even with normal passion a natural butcher (mod) and psycopath would gladly be able to butcher things for me.A good fix would to possibly look into whether you can call up traits pluses as well as, in the case of psycopath, they are unaffected by to help the pawn figure out where it should be. Like if a pawn has green thumb they should probably be doing stuff with plants even if they don’t have a passion for it.
  • Hey I love this mod!Here’s my two cents:My problem is I play with More Than Capable, in short it allows pawns to do anything but will give a mood penalty if assigned to a hated job. Your mod tends to assign these jobs, giving them the mood penalty.I understand that working with this specific mod is probably more trouble than its worth. Disabling it for each pawn that this effects defeats this mods purpose.What I picture is a way to manually turn off or lock a job priority. Ctrl-click to X out hauling on a peglegged 1cs pawn. maybe lock priority 1 for a specific pawn to increase their skill lvl etc. That way there doesn’t have to add any more logic in detecting when to do something etc. It could probably solve a lot of issues that people may have without them bothering you to change how jobs are prioritized etc.If I have to disable it on half my colony it sorta defeats the purpose.Anyways just something to think about when working on you mod. Cheers!
  • I’m really loving all the feedback!Doctoring will be improved in Update 3. I already have a local build where pawns’ priority to doctor goes up (quite significantly) as other pawns are downed. It also disables all activities for pawns that are downed so the work gets allocated to others.I feel pretty good about the way bedrest is working, but may make some tweaks based on overall character health.Ideally, I want the mod to be logical in the recovery after a raid. Say for example that your two best doctors are downed. The mod should reprioritize the other pawns to care for the doctors until they are well enough to tend to the others. For things like this I tend to make a saved game and adjust the mod until it gives the results I want. It can take a while.Shouldn’t be too hard to look at the Android Tier related crashes. When the mod stops working it’s usually just because it crashed in the background, so I’ll just check the debug logs and make the fix.Cheers!
  • also if you make manual settings on pawns, you would like them to not change, as the mod doesnt count for importance of a job, for example; i want more than 1 doctor at a time, especially when i got 5 pawns who got doctoring of 10+, but this mod keeps resetting them and disable it, and i have pawns dying because of that, i want more than 1 pawn on basic and higher priority, and higher priority for bad rest when my pawns are sick (some died because of this mod too) its also incompatiable with complex jobs mod, meaning it will only place 1 pawn on a specific job for example refueling/loading/rearming and it messes up your ability to do stuff. while prioritising meaningless jobs like cleaning which is literally the last job i ever want any pawn to do. all in all, what i would like from this mod, is the ability to not have my manual settings changed, if i set my pawn to be a doctor manually, or making a pawn a cook priority 1, i dont want it changed, ever
  • This is fantastic. I started using it midway through a play through and my pawns fixed up some stuff I had been neglecting. Such as repairing walls and whatnot. So that was nice of them. On the other hand all my doctors are really good at at least one other colony task, so they all put doctoring at level 3, which would mean they’d never actually get around to get to doctoring when needed. I think the main change I’d make is to prioritize doctoring for the top 2 doctoring pawns so that basic medical needs aren’t neglected. (Maybe prioritize warden too, I’m not sure if prisoners get neglected in the same way)Either way though, it is kind of fun seeing the pawns choose their own tasks even if it isn’t exactly what I would have chosen for them when I micro mange them. If you do make an option to select auto-designate per pawn then that would be a good workaround for my issue. I can just micromanage one or two guys and let everyone else go wild.Anyway, thanks for this.
  • A note on performance: I have seen a few people saying the performance of this mod is not good on their system. I haven’t noticed any performance issues even under pretty heavy load (25+ colonists). If you are seeing issues, please let me know, but consider the following:[list] [*] The code for this mod only runs during one tick every couple seconds. So if you are seeing continual bad performance, it is likely not caused by this mod. [*] If you disable the auto prioritization for all the colonists, the mod will do almost nothing. So, use this as another way to verify the problem is with this mod. [*] When you report the performance issues you are seeing. Let me know the: size of the colony, which mods were running, and what performance issue you noticed.[/list]There are a number of improvements in performance I can make, but do not want to do so without good reason as it can take a lot of time and I’d rather work on features.Thanks!

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