[CP] Rimmu-Nation – Clothing 1.2 ( FORKED )

MOD Desc

Rimmu-Nation – Weapons works perfectly for 1.2.


It’s time to dress for the occassion.

Want to run around in camo and tacticool outfits? You need some military grade surplus equipment to protect your troops?

Rimmu-Nation is having a BLOWOUT SALE! DPM, DCU, M81, Multicam, tacticool polos, tacticool skirts and outfits from other video games to let the bad guys know to shoot you first!

Nobody wants to be under fire looking out of fashion, try out our new Hunter Reactive power armor to show those tribals that their tech is out of date!



Plenty of the outfits you see in the preview are uncraftable and are rare to find. Uniforms with camo are what’s usually on the bench, along with suits and etc. but civilian gear is usually only available through purchase or looting.

The outfits do not spawn for random creation anymore, you’ll have to use prepare carefully if you want starter kit!

– Mod also has the Spetsnaz GORKA kit from A17 with updated textures
– Also has the Ghillie suit outfit mod from A17 merged in

Credits to:
Chicken Plucker
MPCT College, to that bloody Streatham Hero
Saito Yui
Yusha Thomas – But Sarge Shirt
Warrior Poet Society – WPS Polo

Mods featured in previews:
Detailed Body Texture II
Rimmu-Nation Clothing
Rimmu-Nation Weapons (Unreleased, WIP)
Chicken Mitchell Hairs
Red Horse Furniture
[KV] Show Hair With Hats or Hide All Hats – 1.0

Everything is craftable version: (Steam)


Save our Ship 2 question: Is Hunter Reactive patched to work like the EVA suit?
No. The technology for Hunter Reactive does not help the wearer breathe in space.


Made in compatibility with this mod that adds stealth mechanics:

By: Pelador

Adds camouflage and basic stealth mechanics in the game.


Rimmu-Nation 1.0 Version link (Google Drive):


  • Calson it doesn’t, it adds the assets with the factions and is meant as a standalone so you wouldn’t need this mod to use it and I think this is where the conflict is happening. Going to go through every faction mod and make the changes you made and hope that fixes it, if it does then I’ll let you know. But thanks for the help and staying up.
  • Literally every single mod, beside furniture one, that you mentioned works for 1.2 version.Some of them required patch, some of them not. Here’s modpack with CP mods that are working on 1.2 version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2200159709&tscn=1598367157 And i’m gonna check the furniture one if it works.
  • Calson I just deleted all the files in your folder, unsubscribed and resubscribed, watched it download and then checked the files and the textures are still in ‘belt’ folder… I started the game and loaded up a save with the fault and the issue is still there. It seems to not show any changes you made.
  • If I am subscribed to both original and this versions (both not enabled), it will sayTried loading mod with the same packageId multiple times: CP.RimmuNation.Clothing. Ignoring the duplicates.C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappsworkshopcontent2941002200159709C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappsworkshopcontent2941001541536041and it will show only original 1.1 in mods menu
  • Calson I think I found the problem…. It’s so obvious now I think about it but I have the added factions also which I assumed needed this mod to work, my thinking was that all that mod did was add a faction in and use the assets from the clothing and guns mod but it actually adds the guns and clothing into it so the mods are conflicting.I’m wondering if I have this mod above the others if it’ll take the info from this rather than the factions mod or will I have to do what you did with all the faction mods too?
  • I didn’t make anything, i’ve only updated thig mod to 1.2 because original mod creator is off to military training to 25/09/2020. Here’s original mod for 1.1 version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1541536041&searchtext=Rimmu-nation And i don’t know how he made those textures.

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