[KV] In-Game Definition Editor

MOD Desc
Press [ left bracket (default) to open the window.

A Definition (Def) is what defines almost everything in RimWorld.

Defs that can be edited currently:
-Recipes (aka bills)
-Story Tellers

This mod will continue to be updated as new definition types are added.

Can be added to and removed from existing saves.

Please let me know if you run into any issues.

At any time if you have an issue with this mod at game load you can delete the file called ‘stats.xml’ located in:
C:Users<username>AppDataLocalLowLudeon StudiosRimWorld by Ludeon StudiosInGameDefEditor
Replacing ‘<username>’ with your Windows user name

Things to be aware of
Traits are structured in a tiered system. What this means is not all Traits will be initially visible and you’ll have to find the parent Trait-type, select it, then scroll to the child trait.
For instance move speed:
SpeedOffset is the parent TraitDef
slowpoke, fast walker, and jogger are the Traits assigned to pawns
When editing a recipe there are a wide range of items that can be selected as ‘Allowed Defs’. Not all will work in all cases though. If editing the club recipe and ‘Cat’ is added as an ingredient, a pawn will use a ‘Cat’ as an ingredient but that will cause an endless number of exceptions because ‘Cats’ are not a compatible ingredient. (as this mod grows it might be possible to label a Cat as a ‘Stuff’ so I am currently not going to change it)

Other notes
-Currently when adding Defs to ingredients the list is very long. I would like to explore ways to make adding defs quicker by adding a search field.
-Do not use both this and Change Equipment Stats together. I highly recommend using this mod over the other as this will continue to be supported and allows editing of more fields.
-This is a powerful mod and disabling the wrong def here or there could cause the game to not work correctly

Ludeon Thread: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=46983.msg445886#msg445886

Direct Download: 1.2[github.com]
Consider using ModSync-RW[ludeon.com] to know when new version are available.

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  • Would it be possible to use this for changing defs relating to the architect tab and what items show in which buttons? I’m running a few hundred mods and it’s gotten impossible to see everything in the Furniture button, while one of the mods added a Storage button but only a few things in it, and a lot of the excess in Furniture are storage buildings that would be far more suited to the Storage button. I’ve manually edited both the LoTR Dwarves and Elves mods so that their furniture has a dedicated [Fantasy] button to reduce the Furniture menu clutter a bit, so it’s a non-issue (for me, at least) if it can’t, or isn’t planned to in the future……but I would very seriously benefit from being able to do it graphically and see my changes take effect while I shift things around depending on UI space needs, especially considering my game now takes over an hour to start and it is no longer reasonably viable to keep restarting just to test small tweaks, even with Mod Manager…
  • Exception in JobDriver tick for pawn Griffin driver=JobDriver_DoBill (toilIndex=12) driver.job=(DoBill (Job_3490748) A=Thing_BionicWorkbench559299 B=Thing_UnfinishedProsthesis815878 C=(80, 0, 54)) lastJobGiver=Verse.AI.ThinkNode_QueuedJobSystem.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an objectat Verse.Effecter..ctor (Verse.EffecterDef) at Verse.EffecterDef.Spawn () at Verse.AI.ToilEffects/c__AnonStorey7.m__0 () at (wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.AI.JobDriver.DriverTick_Patch1 (object) Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)Verse.AI.JobUtility:TryStartErrorRecoverJob(Pawn, String, Exception, JobDriver)Verse.AI.JobDriver:DriverTick_Patch1(Object)Verse.AI.Pawn_JobTracker:JobTrackerTick()Verse.Pawn:Tick_Patch1(Object)Verse.TickList:Tick()Verse.TickManager:DoSingleTick()Verse.TickManager:TickManagerUpdate()Verse.Game:UpdatePlay()Verse.Root_Play:Update()
  • This mod isn’t showing up on my in-game mod list. A few things I’ve noticed:- Subscribing and unsubscribing does affect the number of mods in my list. The very last of my non-enabled mods will appear or disappear from the list corresponding to whether I am subscribed or unsubscribed from this mod.- I do not have a folder at this location: C:Users\AppDataLocalLowLudeon StudiosRimWorld by Ludeon StudiosInGameDefEditor- The mod folder does exist in the Steam workshop folder for Rimworld. The files there match what I see when manually downloading from GitHub.- Verifying game file integrity does not fix it.- Deleting the manifest ACF file didn’t work.- Restarting Steam or the game does not fix it.- Installing ModSync had no effect.- No indication of the mod loading in the log files.A few of these I tried after Googling the problem for mods in general. Most people were able to fix the problem with one of the steps above.
  • I have some strange issues with this mod, some of which you wouldn’t think it was this mods fault but here it is. When I go to create a new world the next button on the scenario screen doesn’t work on the first click, but does on the second click. Second minor problem when I generate a new map, or load a game, the game comes up with an error with the map generation kicking me back to the main menu, but when I try the second time it works. Now the big problem, it is absurd but true. In one of my games on a temperate forest biome I used dev mode to make multiple cold snaps, the temperature was so low it insta killed all plants on the map, as expected. Problem is every new game I made after the temperate forest biome would never have plants on it. I went through every mod and it was this mod that was causing it. Once I turned this mod off the plants returned. Somehow using the dev mode cold snaps screwed up this mod only on the temperate forest biome. It was like 4-5 cold snaps at once.
  • It should remove it from the game completely. I’ve heard others have had cases where raiders would still show up with the disabled weapons but i had not seen that myself.This mod does not modify any xml files besides those it creates for its own needs. As soon as the game is done loading, this mod will apply all modifications specified. In the case of disabling weapons, it will remove the def from the game’s database. At any time this mod can be removed and all settings will be removed (never applied at game start). The settings will persist (in the directory in my previous post). If the mod is enabled again it will apply the settings again.If there seems to be a problem with any of the settings and you want to start over, close rimworld, delete the xml files located in that location, and when RW starts again no settings will be applied.
  • I did some testing and I think I know what is causing it. Auto apply defs works based off the def selected in top left, but some attributes on the weapon def screen are actually associated with the projectile. If I save a weapon def with modified projectile settings entered (damage etc.), auto apply defs setting is not also creating XML for the changed projectile. Also noticed while testing, projectile def selection in top left seems to generate based on XML label, but some mods like Sparkling Worlds use the same label (Gauss Projectile) for what is actually three different projectile defNames (Bullet_RailgunSW, Bullet_GaussrifleSW, Bullet_BulletstormSW). If you are using some type of dict that associates stats to the label of the def as a primary key, recommend changing to a concat of defname+label as the key to prevent overwriting and thus missing similarly labeled projectiles while the array is created. Maybe something like ‘Gauss Projectile (Bullet_GaussrifleSW).’

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