More Scars

MOD Desc
Have you ever wished you colonists had more scars to tell of tales of their bravery/stupidity? No? Well then this isn’t for you.

This mod substantially increases the chance of receiving scars on any body part. This is ideal for anyone who wants their colonists to remember the day they cuddled a grenade, took an arrow to the knee or heroically saved the hospital from a deranged pyromaniac.

Scarring reduces the maximum health of a scarred body part. Scars also add a small amount of pain, which can negatively impact their mood. This impact of this is now greater since it is much easier to accumulate scars. For balancing reasons, scarring is less common on facial features (excluding eyes) to soften the frequency of deformed thoughts debuffs.

You can reduce the chance of generating scars through high percentage tending. Make sure your one-armed smokeleaf addict is not doing the tending! Bruise damage also cannot scar, so armour is beneficial.

In vanilla, you can fix scars with Healer Mech Serums, Luciferium with time, or Bionics. You can also use mods to go under the knife and do surgery.

Some mods that can cure scars are:
[SYR] Scar Removal Plus
Polarisbloc – Core Lab
Various Bionic Mods

Original Mod Idea by IgnisGlacies
Mod Rewritten by Overblaze

Load this mod after all Races in your modlist.

This mod should be compatible with most Races, assuming they reference vanilla body parts such as arms, legs, feet, etc. This mod will not adjust scarring rates on any modded body parts, such as Tails, etc.

This mod is compatible with Combat Extended.

This game’s reviews are already so OVERWHELMINGLY POSITIVE that there isn’t much else to say, but I’ll give my two cents anyway:

+ There are a million different skills, strategies, choices, MODS, and things to do in this game.
+ The world, characters, and scenarios are all randomly generated, with different difficulty levels and different ‘storytellers’ to dictate the flow of the game, making for infinite replayability.
+ Graphics are simple enough that you can play it on a laptop or cheap PC.
+ Good developer who cares about the game.

– People get VERY wrong ideas when I say I am playing a game called ‘Rimworld’… lol
– The AI occasionally does really dumb things or glitches out. It’s rare though. Mostly you just need careful micro-management.
– Some people don’t like the graphics.

It might look like a high price tag for a game that looks like it was made in Flash, but trust me, you can get hundreds or even thousands of hours of playtime. The only way you will not like this game is if you can’t stand the graphics, or if you just don’t like this genre. Warning: Very addictive game. 😛

I was one of the original backers of this on kickstarter, along with many other positive reviewers here, but don’t let that fool you into thinking I won’t criticise the game.

This game’s UI is a little lacking sometimes, there’s basically no tutorial. Most basic stuff is easy to work out but some things are a little frustrating and you might have to do some googling, even then you might not get a straight answer. You’ll get killed a lot. I’ve been playing for over a year and I still play on the friendly AI setting (it will still kill you). You’ll be ed by diseases out of nowhere. Your colonists will all be sad because the base is looking , and then there’ll be a solar flare and without power they’ll break and go crazy. You’ll have awful luck.

But I like building bases, and after all the this game’s put me through I still love coming back to it, starting new colonies, and trying to get somewhere because once you learn to not get ed right off the bat, this is a great game that’s making and has made real progress.

The issues this game has are outweighed by the enjoyment I’ve gotten from it.

9/10 would crash land again

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