White only

MOD Desc
All new pawns will have white skin color.

Edit 26-mar-2020: finally, the injustice has been corrected: all races are welcome! You can choose the range of skin colors you want in mod settings.

Additionally, fixes skin color tampering by alien races mod, if you have it active. Mod load order does not matter.

  • original slothy bastard Whites aren’t incapable of terrorism. Just look at the Irish civil war, they may not have strapped bombs to themselves, but they did use eg. car bombs.Denjeah While everything you say isn’t a lie, we shouldn’t forget that the crusades were preceded by 5 centuries of Islamic onslaught. By the time of the first crusade, 3 out of the 5 Pentarchs & half of the Christian world was lost. Muslims raided Mediterranean shores so much that many small settlements on the coast were abandoned for hundreds of years because of fear of Islamic enslavement. Let’s also not forget that the only reason the Crusades came about was that the Roman Emperor, Alexios Komnenos, was asking the pope for help.While the crusades may have come with their own horrible war crimes, it’s not like the Muslims weren’t equally, or probably even, more guilty of these.
  • The original slothy bastard, no white people do not do that.One could argue that the reason for that is that white people’s religionsgenerally forbid or at least condemn suicide.Funny thing: So does the Koran. The whole suicide-bomber-thing is an inventionof Ayatollah Khomeini.Also, Do not forget that the christian Crusades are based on the same principle:Do what you want, no matter how cruel. Slaughter and kill and rape,it does not matter, because you do it in the name of God and are forgiven (when you die)One difference is, that the Crusades were executed by bigger armies with better weaponsthan their opponents had and of course the Crusaders never thought of it as aSuicide-Commando.In the history of war, NO country is any better than any other country.Generally, every nation has done warcrimes and despicable atrocities.No one has the right to point a finger from a high horse.
  • If you presumed that only a certain race of people crash landed on a planet and populated, then this would be immersive, and not racist. You can’t get another race through reproduction only involving one race. Also I really think people nowadays don’t understand what racism actually is. A racist mod would make one race superior to the other: Race A has enforced max skills and positive traits. Race B has all stats set to zero and is given negative traits like psychopath, making them inferior. Or at least undesirable for a productive colony.Or for example the mod might make it so that doors only open up for a specific race. Then Race B can be kept outside to sleep on the floor and starve. Suggesting some sort of prejudice against having that dirty B race having the same priviliges as the A race. This mod? Not racist at all and you should learn the words you speaketh.
  • All jokes aside, these mods do have uses for roleplayers and people who like playing historic settings. For example, the ‘White Only’ mod could be used for a more realistic Medieval Britain game type, while the ‘Black Only’ mod could be used for a more realistic pre-colonial Africa setting. If there were an ‘Asian Only’ mod, it could be used for a Sengoku period Japan game type. Despite what you may think, mods of this type are not inherently racist. It’s like people don’t even understand what the damn word means anymore.
  • If anything, colonization was good for Africa. Places that were more colonized (both by how long and how many whites are present there today) are richer today.On average, Blacks in the USA have an IQ that’s 1 standard deviation lower than Whites and Blacks in Black Africa have an average IQ that’s even lower (75).This means that, no, they wouldn’t have been able to develop technological marvels like we have, both because of their low IQ and because due to that and other factors they have a very hard time creating a stable society.’Also, when have YOU last seen a white person doing farmwork?’Why is this relevant at all?I like that you can appreciate a joke though.
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