[A18]My Cute Ear

MOD Desc
Adding cute hair ! Like a cosplayer.XD
I will continue to improve this MOD.

[A17!]Click here [A17]My Cute Ear
[A16!]Click here [A16]My Cute Ear

Hair’s name:
-Sailor Moon
HunterG => DogSmall
-Cloud Strife


-MarySue(Rainbow color)


-Compatible with A17
-Add a new hair MarySue(Rainbow color)

-Compatible with A18


– Thanks Vaniat for teaching me XML.

-You may need this mod :
.Change Dresser
.EdB Prepare Carefully
. Headgear Frame

I am simply in love with this game. As you can see, I have spent many of my limited days on this Earth lounging in my room fending off raiders and growing attached to each and every colonist which I come across in my playthroughs. I won’t go too into detail regarding the games mechanics and such, however with 1.0 just around the corner, I think this game is more than worth the money it takes to buy it, and unlike many colony simulators, this one will keep you entertained for what seems like an eternity. And although I have been burnt out on the game two seperate times since my purchase, neither of those burnouts have ever lasted more than a month, and next thing you know, I’m back at it again. This game obviusly has my recomendation, and I would also like to endorse the use of the mods which make the game that much more interesting. Love, Snek

Edit: I really kinda like this game (Peep the hours)

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