Better Survival Meals (Continued)

MOD Desc
Update of Honey Badgers mod


Non-steam version:

– Added 4x recipies for fine and lavish survival meal
– Replaced the old xml-defs with patching to avoid overwrite vanilla definitions for meal and stoves
– Added stack-version of the meal-icon, the same as vanilla behaviour
– Removed the extra thought-definitions since they were identical to the normal ‘ate fine/lavish meal’ in terms of values

— Original Description —
Mod Version: 1.2

A simple mod that adds different quality tiers for packaged survival meals, just like normal meals.

Features include:

(replaces normal survival meal)
Work to make : 300
Value : 15
Nutrition : 0.9

Work to make : 450
Value : 20
Nutrition : 0.9
Taste thought : ate fine survival meal +5

Work to make : 800
Value : 40
Nutrition : 1.0
Taste thought : ate lavish survival meal +12

(Values, Nutrition, and Work Amount are based directly from the in-game meal classes)

Should work with just about anything and with old saves
If you do find a problem let me know!

Chinese (traditional) by tubfan

–Change Log–

*1.1: Changed taste thought. (shout out to Deyon for the idea)

*1.2: Added Chinese (traditional) language support by tubfan

One of the very, very few games to draw me in for marathon sessions for YEARS on end. I got into RimWorld the day after the Kickstarter ended and have loved every single iteration of RimWorld. While a lot has been added to the game over the years, it has somehow retained the core of what made alpha 1 an absolute blast. It’s a rare game where you grow attached to your pawns, to the home they’ve carved out of the wilderness, proud of the work you have accomplished and the threats you have survived.

And you will get attached, you will holler in rage when one of them dies, or loses an eye, or gets kidnapped. You will rage quit when raiders blow their way through your walls to get to the undefended innards of your base, torching and destroying whatever they see. You may even shed a tear when a beloved pet gets mauled by a cougar. But you know what else you will do?

You will start a new colony. You will fight tooth and nail to establish a safe haven for your burgeoning colony. You will learn from your mistakes and become better, stronger, smarter. You will learn how to survive on the Rim, to thrive, and maybe, maybe you will make it off the planet. Whatever you do, you will have fun. This is easily one of the best games I’ve ever had the joy to play. If you like base building, simulations, ‘ant farms’, you can only hope to fall in love with RimWorld.

I’m glad Tynan waited so long to put this on Steam, I’m not sure I want to know how much of my life this game has devoured. And to think, I still have to load up a mod or two someday, should I ever get bored with the vanilla game. So far, that has not been the case. A very loud and hearty recommendation from me.

If you like strategy games with rich, complex lore and impressive AI mechanics then this is the game for you. RimWorld is a storytelling revolution – no two games are EVER the same. From mad muffalos to pirate raids to muscle parasites, your pawns (colonists) will be hammered from the very beginning of the game.
Like many others, I read these reviews, bought the game, and promptly stayed awake until 5 in the morning because I could not. stop. playing. It’s a brilliant game!

However, I’d like to take time to point out the flaws in RimWorld’s model for pawn sexuality. This is a serious issue, and as a bisexual woman, I find it very distasteful and downright… misogynistic, to be honest; which leaves a bad taste in my mouth that I’ve given money to a developer who holds such backwards notions of sexuality.

1. Male pawns can only be straight or gay. (That means no bisexual men…)
2. Female paws can only be bisexual or gay. (That means… no straight women??? Sounds like a male fantasy…. gross.)

Male pawns also, for some reason, continue to hit on gay women? Like, bruh… take the L and go sit in the back.
I’d love it if:
– straight female pawns were implemented
– bisexual male pawns were implemented
– after a non-allowed partner tries to flirt (aka a male pawn flirting with a gay female pawn) the original mood debuff is applied, ALONGSIDE an ’embarrassed’ mood debuff that’s the result of the gay female pawn telling the male pawn she will NEVER be interested.
And then the male pawn shouldn’t flirt with her again; because dude, that ‘s corny.

Erasure of straight women and bi men isn’t cute. Get your together, RimWorld.

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