Fantastic Concert

MOD Desc
– It replaces the music that comes out when royals are holding concerts.
Music from Mozart, Bach, Chopin.

– Turned up the volume of concert music.

I saw a herd of muffalo in the distance and I gathered my hunters for the slaughter that I thought would take place. My hunters a group of 3 armed with bows surrounded the herd of 8 and proceeded to attack. At first it went well that all changed when the muffalo attacked. After the fall of 2 of their muffalo comrades they charged my hunters, surprised by the counter attack my hunters flee back to the village. Sadly only 2 of my hunters made it in, the slowest one Bird was unable to escape the muffalo.i orderd the gates to be closed and no one to leave this was just the begining of the siege.

Day 1
The muffalo begin to ram the gate in a panic i order walls to be placed infront to slow the advancement. Done but that will only buy me a little time. i gather a militia of 3 out of my 6 colonists and charge out the rear gate in hopes to flank the muffalo.
Night 1
The battle commences it goes well at first 1 of the muffalo falls, but this only angers the herd. They break both legs of one of the militiamen and I order a retreat leaving the crippled as a distraction for the muffalo.
Day 2
Food supplies are stretched then starvation has started to set in. The mufffalo still battering the walls and gates of my colony. I order a retreat into the townhall in hopes by the time they reach the doors they will forgive my mistake of hunting such brave warriors. This was not the case, they reached the townhall doors. I know this is it, the final stand not one step back. I draft everyone and have them form up. The doors break and the mighty muffalo charge into the ranks of my starving colonists.

11/10- would get wrecked by muffalo again

The year is 2002. A fringe game developer started development on a small two month effort called Dwarf Fortress. The game was an offshoot of his first release Armok, an RPG title. Dwarf Fortress changed the focus from a single adventurer to a caravan of dwarves attempting to build a colony. Seventeen years later that game is still in development and is one of the most complex and complete simulations ever built by one man. It is an amazing achievement, yet due to its ASCII art console interface and sheer complexity of the game it is accessible only to the enthusiastic few.

There have been many games that have tried to take the magic of Dwarf Fortress, distill it, and make it palatable to a large audience. These games fall into two categories. The first and largest of the two being filled with those that removed too much of the complexity and randomness, making for a drab and mechanical experience. The second, are those that never finish development, failing to understand the wonder of 17 years of daily devoted development. There is a small third category, these are games that reach a certain point, realizing they are way over their heads, and try to cut their losses with a half finished, buggy, and often lopsided release, promising updates, but never delivering.

Rimworld is the exception. Rimworld is the perfect balance. Rimworld is Dwarf Fortress for the masses. Its simulation is just complex enough to be engaging, but not overwhelming. Its interface is well designed. Most importantly it allows for creative and imaginative storytelling that made Dwarf Fortress endlessly entertaining.

It is well worth the price and well worth your time.

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