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MOD Desc
NOTE: Updated for 1.2! Compatible with 1.1, 1.0 still. If there are any issues please let me know.

Ever wondered why your not so bright, cannon fodder Alpaca’s are able to carry your caravan’s supplies but your super intelligent Thumbro can’t? It doesn’t make sense! That’s why this mod extends pack animal capabilities to apply to other larger animals. Currently the mod extends the following animals.

Supported Animals
– Bears (Grizzly & Polar)
– Cow
– Megasloth
– Pig
– Thrumbo
– Rhinoceros

– Existing save compatible
– Can safely remove (I would recall all caravan’s first!)
– Low mod conflict chance if loaded last (Reminder: Load me last!)
– Want a custom animal added? Leave a comment with a link to the mod, and I’ll look into it!

Similar Mods & Extension Mods
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Vanilla Animal Overhal (B18) – Does everything this mod does and more.
Caravan Dogs (B19)Original Mod (B17) – Makes canines packable.
Thrumbo Extension (B19) – Increases Thrumbo carry weight and does other cool Thrumbo stuff.

Original Mod
This mod was 100% inspired by Dragoon_103’s Packified Animals mod. While no resources were directly taken from his / her mod, this mod wouldn’t exist without his / her idea and general approach. If he / she requests that I take this mod down, I will respectfully do so!

Original Mod: Packified Animals (B17)

This is a story about a fifteen year old pirate-turned-colonist named Nick.
One day, Nick decided to attack the colony of Rosewood. It was a fairly new colony, with only two members, one of them an older woman and one of them a male nudist. It should have been fairly easy. He chose a poor day to strike, however, becase they had some friendly visiters who retaliated harshly against Nick and left him for dead on their way out of the settlement. As Nick lay there, dying and alone, the older woman appeared over him. She saw him, saw how young he was, and took pity. Surely, he couldn’t truly be so evil. And so, another room was constructed in their tiny home and Nick was taken prisoner.
Nick was nursed to health, and for about a month, the woman and the nudist fed him for nothing in return and urged him daily to join their colony. Nick refused for some time, but eventually, he gave in. The woman removed his shackles and turned his cell into a shabby bedroom. It wasn’t the best of the best, but Nick couldn’t complain.
His day were filled with menial labor, some days chopping tree, some days helping the woman build extensions onto their home, and other days gathering up the rice the nudist had planted. The nudist, he noted, really loved to farm. Oftentimes, they chatted in his fields. Nick was happy.
One day, a terrible thunderstorm broke out. Lightning struck around their home and created raging forest fires. Nick and his new family could do nothing but sit and watch as the fire crept closer and closer. It was too far, the woman claimed, to do any real damage. Their wood supply would be damaged, but they would survive.
Out in the distance, a beautiful creature appeared. A rare Thrumbo. Its horn and fur was very expensively priced. It would be profitable for them to kill it, but with the current outdoor conditions and the known hostility of the beautiful beast, they decided against it. Nick watch the beast graze from afar.
He noticed that the shimmering blue fur of the Thrumbo was very quickly being taken over by dancing flames. He and his companions watched in horror as the Thrumbo ran around, spreading flames wherever it went, coming closer and closer to their home at a startling speed.
The nudist grabbed a gun. If the Thrumbo didn’t die, their home would go up in flames. Nick and the woman insisted they accompany him, but he wouldn’t let them. His gun was the only gun they had, it would be suicide for the others to go out there. And so Nick and the woman watched with bated breath as the nudist, with his junk swinging about and his glimmering from light rainfall, aproached the beast.
A shot rang out. The Thrumbo let out a chilling shriek. The battle was short, and Nick couldn’t take his eyes away as the nudist fell to the ground.
The Thrumbo was thankfully extinguished during the battle, but now it was enraged. They realized with a shudder that because of their recent renovations, there was a hole in the back of their home that they wouldn’t be able to patch before the Thrumbo arrived. The woman, wanting to protect Nick, ran out with a club to meet the beast. To Nick’s horror, she quickly fell, but he could tell she was only unconscious. Sneaking around the house, he retrieved her and brought her to her bedroom, locking the door and doing his best to revive her. The Thrumbo continued to sulk outside.
After sitting in the room for hours, Nick heard a cry. The Thrumbo had fallen from bloodloss. He unlocked the door and grabbed food for himself and the woman. Thankfully, he was able to bring her back. Things would be hard without their gallant nudist, but they would get by.
A day passed. It began to rain heavily. All of the remaining fire were extinguished. The woman was back on her feet, and they started to clean up after the wreckage. A grave was dug for the nudist, but as they searched for his body, the horrifying realization that his body had burned completely to ash was made.
As Nick was about to fill the empty grave with dirt, the air started to grow hot. A heat wave. He and the woman hurried into the refrigerator. It was dark and they had to sleep on the floor, but there was plenty of rice for them to make it.
Days passed with no change in the weather. Nick watched as the woman snapped, and started wandering aimlessly around the large space, refusing to respond to what she said. She came out of this after awhile, but Nick couldn’t shake the effect of it. The events of the previous week were started to hit him, and he had nothing to distract himself except endless amounts of rice. His mood grew darker and darker.
Finally, the day came that the heat wave ended. The woman emerged from the refrigerator first, and said something cheery to him. What she said, Nick could not even register, but he snapped. He pulled out his club and struck her repeatedly, until she was in an unconscious state. His rage was still not sated. He went out unto the world and started slaying animals with no true purpose, just to feel in control of his own life. Finally, he came out of his rage, and collapsed in the rice fields the nudist had sown so lovingly, the fields where he and the nudist had sat and talked endlessly. He was too weak to continue, and he knew he would die there. He heard the woman crying for help, and knew she would die there.

And that’s where I got really sad and closed the game.
This game is an incredibly fun and unique experience with every new game. I’ve only play about thirteen hours, and it’s already worth the thirty dollars I paid. At the surface, it’s a survival management game. Looking deeper, it’s endless stories of survival.

Absolutely, positively, I recommend you buy this game.

Rimworld is, without a doubt, the most phenomenal game to ever come out of the mess that is the Early Access limbo. This is a 35$ game that could very well be worth 60$. The replayability is way up there, and you can play it however you want. It is a sandbox colony management simulator afterall. Wanna have a colony who’s sole economy is reliant on human organs? Go for it. Wanna do a cannibalistic nude amazon-only colony that genocides males and leaves their corpses in mass graves on the outside to deter raiders? Totally up to you. Just wanna take it easy and come home from a stressful day of work to a comfy boring ol’ colony? Hey, I ain’t judging and this is getting off track, but you get the general idea. With Rimworld the only limitation is your creativity, time to murder, and sacrificing your soulsocial life for just one more colony run.

The workshop community is enormous. So if you ever get tired of just a vanilla game or two, you can always dive into the rabbit hole to spice up your game more. There’s things ranging from simple quality of life ui improvements to full blown overhaul packs. There’s a mod for everyone on the workshop. I mean, there’s even a mod for having catgirl colonists, I think you get the idea.

Rather you’re a fan of colony management sims or interested in trying one, I think Rimworld is more than good enough for that criteria. It’s easy to get into thanks to the various ‘storytellers’ mechanic that you can configurable to your leisure. But it can, and will, get despairingly cruel and unforgiving at even slightly harder difficulties. Which depends on storytellers as well. The best part is you can change them to your hearts content so if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the difficulty you’re able to tone it down a notch and play at your own pace without much of anu bad events in the way. There’s even mods that add new storytellers for even greater enrichment of your experience.

Overall, Rimworld has a speculator design philosophy. If it was a religion I’d be a devout follower. The stories that are generated from this game are just wonderful, and it’s always great to read other about other people’s colonies too.

Additional 12/17/18 thoughtsAt the time I made this review, I couldn’t think of any shortcomings the game has. Other than the game can be, and will be, unforgiving if you’re not prepared for disasters. However, originally, I wanted to point out that the game can get tedious in the end game department

So let me make one point that I admittedly did not describe in the original review: You have the choice of several scenarios for starting a game. You have the classic mode, where you start off with 3 survivors of a crashed space liner that was destroyed above the orbit of a ‘in the sticks’ outer rim system. In this one, your goal is to guide these survivors off the planet, which there are multiple ways of achieving. Either by constructing a spaceship yourself, or treking the planet and finding one yourself. I want to point out that this is in fact entirely optional and you are free to do other things as you wish. Be it conquering the other communities that inhabit the planet or whatever.

This was something I also forgot to mentionl being a management sim, you will be managing your colonist’s day to day lifes’. From setting their schedules, dictating what jobs they will be doing, and everywhere else in between. Their skills will help you determine what role they will be performing in their activities. For the most part, they are capable of being left to their own devices, but you can also force them to do certain tasks above others; this is also where the job prioirty system come in, so you can have a single colonist mine for minerals, cook, make clothing, and everything else in a elaborate order. Every colonist has their own backtory that gives them unique behavior. You might have a drooling braindead colonist who hates mundane work and has skills of 0 in everything, so you might have a use of using him as cannon fodder during a raid a planting seeds in your farms, for example.

The other two starts is starting off with a single dude with a handsome amount of supplies, and another one where you start off as a 5-man tribe and researching is far worst because of the nature of this start. These starts are regarded as being extra difficult. There’s also the choice of player made scenarios on the workshop if you ever crave more. Plus you can customize them to your hearts content and upload them for others to enjoy too.

So, what are these tedious things I spoke of? Well, if you’re determined to get off the planet, finding the components for the spaceship isn’t easy. The research required will take a tremendous amount of time both in game and in real life hours. You have to essentially research the whole tree to get the required tech. To add to this, without the proper mods, it is not possible to actually tell your colonists to research because research is regarded as something that is a ‘long term investment’, which I don’t particularly agree with.

Finding the ship parts can be risky since you must trek out of the safely of your colony over long distances to get these items, which may or may not be guarded by strong guards in the maps they are in. So if your colonist dies, that’s food and any weapons they have wasted, and there’s no way of regaining the items back.

I hope this supplementary review was helpul for you, the ever so hesistant buyer and similar so-sos who think the original review still wasn’t conving you at throwing 35$ at this amazing game without seeing some of the silver linings of it as well. I’m trying my best to explore everything when I do reviews like these, so I apologize.

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