[Royalty] Unlock Working Emperor

MOD Desc
Allow royalty to do all the work without any class restrictions.
Edit to reach the upper royal ranks that are locked.
Added 2 Calling Elite Agents with a higher rank.

This is a combined version of the two modes.
– Unlock Emperor : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2009875292
– Working Royalty : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2008359342

This game is insane and I love it.
I had a colony of 3 people at the time, and I hadn’t gotten far. I formed a caravan to rescue someone and left one person back at base to take care of things. Sadly, he didn’t know how to farm. Oops! (hint: they starved to death) Raiders came over and burned my base to a crisp and I was hopeless. All I could do was wait for the other 2 to come back and take care of things. There was one major problem though. One of the people in the caravan got hurt and nothing could be done until they could get further medical attention. With ‘perfect’ timing, the caravan came back with a crippled explorer dragged along. The raiders came by and decided they wanted to cause some havoc with the caravan members, so they captured the immobilized colonist, killed the other caravan member, and immobilized the rescued colonist the caravan went out for. it was the middle of the night and everyone was either dead or dying, and the one colonist left that I had was on the floor, bleeding out and helpless. But then, a man in black came by and miraculously saved my final colonist. It turned out that this man had a relationship with one of the dead colonists. He helped the rescue and they both turned out fine. After the base was fixed, the man in black and the rescue lived happily ever after.
just kidding

they both died

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