Fallen Marines

MOD Desc
In this scenario, you help 3 UNSC ODST marines survive on a planet. You will help them recover and thrive on a hostile, alien planet.
You will start with 3 marines.
They will arrive in drop pods.
Your marines might start with the traits:
-Hard worker
Your marines will know how to make:
Gun turrets
Geothermal power
Machining tables
Your marines will drop with:
-2 Assault rifles
-1 Charge rifle
-6 Glitterworld medicine packs
-3 Steel military helmets
-3 Cloth jackets
-3 Armored vests
-3 Cloth pants
Things that fell from the destroyed battleship:
-30 Components
-1000 chunks of Steel
-30 Steel slag chunks
-40 Packaged survival meals

I made the wise choice (After reading other reviews) to not go with a Permadeath scenario on my first build. In the end, I chose Cassandra Classic and left it set to Base Building. What follow is the thoughts and events through my first ten hours.

Day One: Dear god what the hell do I do? Complicated! Agggh! Oh wait…Building stuffs is here. Let’s see if I can’t make a house over by this mountain?

Day Two: Why aren’t my guys doing the things I need them to? Oh. There’s a thing for priorities. Sweet! Lets see if I can’t force them to mine into this mountain so I can have a cave fortress!

Day Three: OH GOD NO IT’S TOO EARLY TO BE RAIDED- Oh wait it’s just one person. Alright! Big burly shooter bloke, up you go! Time to shine! Oh. You didn’t kill her? She’s stunned on the floor bleeding to death…We-ell…I suppose I can take her captive and have my Doctor look her over. At the very least, good practise for the future. Oh . How do I make a prison?

Day Four: Captive resting up. Doctor successfully handled all the wounds…Wait a minute…Infection? In her leg and torso? . What do I do? Just let the Doctor handle that I suppose?

Day Five: ‘Immunity 96% – Torso.’ ‘Immunity 94% Right Leg’…Does this mean the infection is becomming immune to my medicine? . I better get the Doc to amputate her leg. At the very least, it’s more practise…Waaaaaaaait. Immunity is at 100% and infection is going down? I’m a fblooming idiot… Can we reattach the leg? No? Well. . Let’s stick a peg leg on her…Uh…Sorry to get off on the wrong foot there…

Day Six: Despite shooting her four times, serious infection and a…Less than needed amputation…She’s survived. Now, she’s laying there captive with a peg leg, probably thinking she’s been captured by a bunch of cannibals or something, since she clearly didn’t need to have the leg off…I’m going to recruit her. Should be simple right?

Day Seven: Prisoner doesn’t want to co-operate? I can’t imagine why…My hospitality has been impeccable! It’ll have to wait, because my land is being ravaged by a pack of…Hyper intelligent beavers? Uh… Okay? I hope the colony likes beaver meat.

Day Eight: Figured out how to tame a boar. Beavers are all dead. The prisoner has finally decided to join us…Riiiight as a dry thunderstorm hits and sets half the map ablaze. In the ensuing chaos of frantic firefighting, our newest recruit, Tail, gets inadvertently set on fire. So she’s back in bed again, recovering.

Day Nine: Fires are all out. Given everyone a full day of freedom to do with as they please…Aaaand another raid. Lovely. Hang on…Are those -grenades- that caveman is lobbing at me?! There goes my Hunter. Thankfully he scares them off before having to be hauled off to the impromptu medbay.

Day Ten: Just as I finish making a bedroom for everyone and a spacious walk in fridge for my food, a trading caravan comes in. Oh! They have a prosthetic leg! I’ll take that and replace that awful peg leg on Tail. That’ll make up for removing her leg, right? Maybe…And now the caravan members are fighting each other…One killed the other with her fists? Impressive. My hunter couldn’t even kill someone with his rifle. Remind me not to off ‘The Town In The Cave’ faction. And they didn’t even take their fallen brother’s weaponry and armour? Excellent! Time to give my Hunter a nice shiny new sniper rifle and armour set!

Day Eleven: My poor tamed boar just got attacked by a Grizzly. My hunter attempted to save it…But it perished regardless and the off bear is rampaging amok! And…Oh. . Tail’s just had her arms torn off…

Day Twelve: Tail can’t do anything anymore. She has no arms and only one leg. Her mental state is dropping rapidly now that she’s bedridden. I don’t know what to do.

Day Thirtreen: The batteries keeping power to my cave area just blew up. They were right beside my hurried Medbay area. The problem with Tail was resolved through fire.

Day Fourteen: Buried the mutliated body of Tail. Everyone’s mood is down the pan. My hunter has taken to wandering naked and cloud watching all day. My heart is broken. I failed that poor pirate girl. It would have been kinder to just let her die in the wake of her raid.

At this point, I called it a night. What I anticipated to be a couple hours game time turned into an entire day. Despite all the feels I have right now, I fully intend to pick it up again tomorrow and start afresh. Now I know how the game works, I pray I can make my colony something worthwhile.

If you’re on the fence about buying this…Seriously. Do it. The first half an hour is a nightmare to pick up all the mechanics and functions of each and every button…But once you go past that point, it becomes a glorious mess of emotions. I’ve never felt regret like this over a one legged depressive former pirate in my life.

10/10 would maim my potential recruits again.

Really fun and addictive game, massive replayability.

I’ve had 2 ‘succesful’ colonies so far and I can honestly say that both my experiences was unique… well actually all my experiences if I count all the times I failed, and I have to say losing in this game is also fun, it makes a great short story.

My 1st ‘succesfull’ colony was with Casandra (1 of the 3 storytellers) on basebuilder difficulty (yes there’s 6 difficulties which you can change anytime), I played on Temperate Forest biome (there’s 8 biomes). It was a nice fun colony and I wanted to build the ship, which took me 13 years btw, mmm I wonder if it was because most of my peolple were lazy or slowpokes, I guess so. I had growing season all year which was nice, not too many colonists, so I got really attached to them all.

My 2nd ‘succesful’ colony was with Randy on Boreal Forest biome, also started with basebuilder difficulty till I got some defenses up and changed to some challenge. Randy is random he decides if he is going to give you a long happy life or kill you as fast as possible. I got Randy who wanted me to live a long happy life, but also tried very hard to starve me to death. See the problem here was that I had 27 colonists, and growing season was 10 days a year, so I had to make indoor farms and they use electricity, but Randy gave me events that made me sit without electricity most of the time, like an eclipse or a solar flare, and I had to make peace with the fact that I’m obviously not going to be able to grow anything during winter. Hunting was an option but there wasn’t really alot of animals during winter, so I decided to put a few colonist into cryptosleep during these tough times, and it kinda did the trick. The raids wasn’t too bad, because of my many colonists it was easy so I changed the difficulty to rough, and Randy send me a volcanic winter ( taken from the wiki: ‘Solar panels will not produce as much power. Volcanic Winters also appear to significantly reduce the inflow of wildlife (, which can easily lead to meat shortages and famine if you don’t have sufficiently large farms for your colony.’)

Well we started slaughtering the colony animals, this did upset a few people who happens to be bonded with the animals but we gotta do what we gotta do right? Finally growing season arived and Randy send me a Toxic fallout (taken from the wiki: ‘A distant chemical fire has released a plume of poison over this entire region. Any person or creature not under a roof will be slowly sickened by the toxic dust settling out of the atmosphere. It will last for anywhere between a few days to over a month. Plants will wither under the fallout. This event will usually wipe out all wild animals and poses a serious danger to tamed ones unless they are restricted to an area under a roof. Toxic Buildup, which is caused by toxic fallout, can cause dementia, and eventually a carcinoma (according to game files) if it progresses far enough. However, the latter is treatable via a lengthy operation with the use of at least Medicine, or removed via a surgery. If you are running low on food, wait for animals to die and then butcher their corpses.’)

I still don’t know how I managed to survive that but we did thanx to the many colonists in cryptosleep, but what did Randy do next? He send me some huskies ๐Ÿ˜€ but thats another story, after the huskies I got a zzztt event (This event can only occur if there is at least one battery with stored power and connected to an active power grid with a power conduit. At any moment, a power conduit may suffer a fault, causing it to explode and expel all stored power in the attached circuit in the process. The amount of stored power directly affects the size of the explosion, up to a maximum of 15 squares in diameter from a total of 90,000 Wd stored. The explosion can damage any nearby structures, items and colonists, as well as catch anything flammable nearby on fire. The explosion will often completely destroy the one section of power conduit where it occurred, cutting off power to anything past it unless there is another path for the electricity to flow around this damage. Laying redundant pathways throughout your colony prevents this. In addition to the explosion and fire, it will completely empty all batteries attached to that circuit. Isolated batteries will not be discharged. If this event happens at night and your colony is dependent on solar power, then you may be without power until morning. This could affect your crops growing in greenhouses or hydroponics basins, as well as heaters and coolers.)

That happened in my greenhouse and as my people try to put the fire out it got worse, most of them burned to death others collapsed due to exhaustion, till I had 1 colonist left, I tried to send her to open the cryptosleep caskets… but remember those huskies Randy send me earlier? Yes? Well they changed into manhunters XD damn its fun to lose in this game ๐Ÿ˜€

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