Misc. Bees’n’Honey

MOD Desc
This mod adds the option to build beehives where you can harvest your very own honey.
You need to research ‘beekeeping’. Once done you can look out for wild beehives where you can find queen bees waiting to be transferred to your own beehive.
With your beehives you can grow new queens to expand your hives. They will also produce honey for you to eat or sell.

– You can find queen bees in dead trees or maybe with exotic good traders.
– Make sure you have enough flowers near your beehive or it’ll reduce the honey production.
– The honey production is also reduced in fall and completely disabled in winter.
– Honey will be harvested when the beehive is full.
– Mead (honey-wine) can be produced at the brewery.
– New queens can be harvested from hollow trees or via the bill menu of the hive.

(Version: 1.2.1)
Special Thanks to thedee05 for some graphics

Languages: English, German, Chinese, Russian

Thanks to duduluu and Buscuit now with a translation for Chinese (both)
Thanks to AlexDeluxe now also with a translation for Russian

The latein american translation by CANALETA can be found here.

Hi there, I just wanted to share an error your game is causing.Couldn’t relax research project coordinates apart after 200 passes.Verse.Log:Error(String) (at C:DevRimWorldAssetsScriptsVerseUtilityDebugLogLog.cs:48)Verse.ResearchProjectDef:GenerateNonOverlappingCoordinates() (at C:DevRimWorldAssetsScriptsVerseDefsDefTypesResearchProjectDef.cs:292)Verse.PlayDataLoader:DoPlayLoad() (at C:DevRimWorldAssetsScriptsVerseDefsDatabasesPlayDataLoader.cs:172)Verse.PlayDataLoader:LoadAllPlayData(Boolean) (at C:DevRimWorldAssetsScriptsVerseDefsDatabasesPlayDataLoader.cs:32)Verse.Root:m__735() (at C:DevRimWorldAssetsScriptsVerseGlobalRootRoot.cs:49)Verse.LongEventHandler:RunEventFromAnotherThread(Action) (at C:DevRimWorldAssetsScriptsVerseGlobalLongEventHandler.cs:317)Verse.LongEventHandler:m__733() (at C:DevRimWorldAssetsScriptsVerseGlobalLongEventHandler.cs:236)

So, working with building the hives in preparation of finding queens, I found out something interesting. When taking materials to the blueprint, the builders will stop after delivering wood, because the second material (steel, blocks, whatever) comes after the queen.But! If you place something like a wall with the same material nearby, then tell your builder to construct that thing, they’ll drop the second material off at the hive blueprints. They still won’t be built without the queens, but they’ll be ready instead of having to wait and risk the queens dying before all the materials are hauled.Also, just a minor request / suggestion: I thought it’d be a neat idea if you add a recipe at the stove or crafting spot to make crystallized honey. It’d be a ‘snack’ joy food, similar to chocolate, but give teetotalers an alternative to mead.

So this is driving me pretty crazy here. I’ve been fighting with this mod for some time. I *really* want this to work because I love the idea of bees ingame. At first I had delphiniums growing around it because I figured it would register a flower. Did some reading- found somewhere that you mentioned that day-lily or roses would be okay. Planted a crapton of day-lilies. The apiaries still say 0 flowers around them. I’ve clicked on the ‘info’ buttons and I’ve found no explination on what flowers are accepted or how. I’ve checked the description here. I’ve looked in the comments. I’ve even checked the forum post. I feel like I’m missing the huge elephant in the room. Where exactly is this information? What info? Info button? If so on what? Info in a file? On a page? Where am I supposed to be looking? Am I doing something wrong?

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