Old Gods – Music

MOD Desc
Old Gods – Music v1.2
Old Gods is intended to be a series of mods to make Rimworld a bit darker.

Description Old Gods – Music adds a selection of Kevin MacLeod song clips designed to create an eerie forboding atmosphere. It does not remove or preclude other music from playing while in a map. It does replace the main menu music and the short clip that plays when starting a new colony.

Conflicts If another mod replaces the main menu song or the Game Start Sting, whichever is lower in the load order will play.

Credits All music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

List of titles:
Bump in the Night
Darkness Speaks
Echoes of Time
Echoes of Time 2
Evening of Chaos
Heart of the Beast
It Is Lost
Nervous Piano
Night of Chaos
One of Them
Quinns Song – A New Man
Quinns Song – First Night
Quinns Song – The Dance Begins
Seven March
The Dread
The Hive
Thunder Dreams

-Starts game with a tribe of 5 people
-Sets base to be in middle of a desert
-Mass logging causes trees to go existinct
-Due to wood shortage only 2 beds are made
-Both become medical to help save 2 tribesman attacked by bloodthirsty beasts
-Man hunter pack arrives, no doors
-Beats eveyone half to death
-1 unhurt tribesman tends to all 4
-1 heals himself
-Another one dies on the floor
-Stranger arrives and joins
-2 raids occur afterwords no one is hurt
-Heat wave starts
-Everyone is healed
-They run outside and gather resources
-Minutes later they all collapse from heat stroke
-Plenty of beds so one gets up and lays everyone down
-Falls dead to heatstroke
-Other 4 slowly die in extreme pain
-2 die in the morning
-1 dies of starvation
-Last man gets up to see his tribemembers all dead in their beds beside him.
-Buries their bodies
-Angry iguanna attack
-Iguanna beats last man senseless
-He doesnt even try to fight back
-Begins to bleed out
-Heatstroke ends
-He lays down bleeding for a little bit
-I assume all hope is lost
-He gets up and stumbles towards our shelter
-Iguanna senses him moving, runs at the speed of light
-Bloodies the man once agin
-I assume for sure we are doomed
-NOT he gets up again with so little health
-Iguanna kicks his butt again
-Suprisingly he gets up once more
-Runs inside our food storage
-Stuffs himself while bleeding
-Then stumbles into his bed
-He stays there for 6 hours
-Then dies just like his tribe did
-His dog died in the food storage
-That is what he ate
-The walls are covered in blood

This game is sorta dark

I’ve never written a review for a game before. This one deserves it.

TLDR, if a simulation/management game appeals to you, buy it. 97% positive at over 20,000 review isn’t a fluke.

Gameplay, you get to make this game what you want. If you want to create a single psychopathic cannibal, go for it, you might even be able to finish a game this way(thousand hours later). If you want to make a happy rainbows and vegan commune, sure do that too(you’ll finish the game faster). I like the build a big base and launch mortars at everybody that visits method( I like to make hats from human skin). However you play, play it. If there is something you don’t like, there is probably a mod for that.

Replayability is amazing. I taught my son how to play who plays a very different way from me. We started a colony together that is just as much fun as my own. I’m sure when my girlfriend plays we’ll make a super happy fun time petting zoo, that will be interesting as well.

Sound/Graphics/cutting edge technology, none of that is here but really see the TLDR, if you’re into these management simulation type of games, I doubt you’re that interested.

The only negative I have is the learning curve between beginner and advanced is pretty steep. Even on the easier settings plan on dying and restarting a few colonies. I’ve made it to endgame once. The game is about the journey not the victory.

Oh by the way, if your favorite colonist’s significant other starts cheating on her because he butchered an invading force. Don’t euthenize him, it might drive her into a rage that burns down your colony(herself included) that you put a hundred hours into and force you to restart.

Just buy the game, you’ll like it.

I had been putting off buying Rimworld for a long time, it had been sitting in my wishlist for years but there was always something flashier and cheaper to buy on Steam. I finally broke and bought it in the 2020 Summer Sale and have not been disappointed.
There is a lot of depth within the game and I like the fact that it is called a story simulator, because that is effectively what it is. You help write the story for the pawns that you start with. I like the curveballs that the game throws at you, which can quickly snowball in to something larger.

For example, you’ve just set up your first colony and it’s happily humming away, getting it’s business done, when a cold snap occurs. Suddenly all of your outdoor crops are dead and you’re looking at food shortages.
‘Right’, you think, ‘I’m going to hunt some wildlife and fill the fridge’.
Your pawns go out and kill off all the small animals but there’s still not enough food, so you get them to start hunting some of the larger animals. Suddenly an Ibex decides he’s had enough and gores one of them, who also happens to have the highest medical skill. He lays up in bed but bleeds-out the next day. So now you have very little food, no skilled medic and a raid starts…

On mods; the modding community seems very active and there is a very large library to choose from within the Steam workshop. From those I have used so far, they seem to fit seamlessly within the game and are very easy to add and activate. If there is something that you feel the game is lacking, odds are that someone has written a mod for it. In a lot of cases it is hard to know where vanilla Rimworld ends and the mod begins.

I’m really enjoying it and can’t wait to see what happens to my colonists next.

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