RePower Patch Pack

MOD Desc
Patches for various mods to use the RePower-system for a more realistic power consumption.
If you are using a mod that is missing here, just leave a comment with a link to it and I’ll add it to the pack if compatible!

This pack contains all my other RePower-patches.

Non-Steam version:

Supported mods:

Android Tiers
Robotics production casket (10W Idle, 1000W Active)
Android Implants workbench (10W Idle, 700W Active)
Android parts workbench (10W Idle, 700W Active)

Electric ceramics bench (10W Idle, 400W Active)
Materials processing bench (10W Idle, 700W Active)

Electric Stonecutting Table
Electric Stonecutter’s Table (10W Idle, 500W Active)

Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering
Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering Forked
Tissue Printer (10W Idle, 1000W Active)

Electric stove (10W Idle, 800W Active)
Electric tailor bench (10W Idle, 400W Active)
Electric smithy (10W Idle, 500W Active)

High Tech Laboratory Facilities (Continued)
Laboratory Station (10W Idle, 750W Active)
Research Terminal (10W Idle, 750W Active)

Project RimFactory 3.0 – Public Beta
ProjectRimFactory – Core[]
Robotic machining table (10W Idle, 900W Active)

Rah’s Bionics and Surgery Expansion
Rah’s Bionics and Surgery Expansion – Hardcore Edition
Advanced Medical Station (10W Idle, 1500W Active)
Bionic Workbench (10W Idle, 1500W Active)

Rimatomics research bench (10W Idle, 600W Active)
Rimatomics machining table (10W Idle, 800W Active)
Reactor console (10W Idle, 400W Active)
Weapons console (10W Idle, 400W Active)

Resource Console (10W Idle, 400W Active)

[CP] Rimmu-Nation – Clothing
RN Apparel bench (10W Idle, 250W Active)

[CP] Rimmu-Nation – Weapons
RN CQB bench (10W Idle, 250W Active)
RN Rifleman bench (10W Idle, 250W Active)
RN Marksman bench (10W Idle, 250W Active)
RN Heavy bench (10W Idle, 250W Active)

[CP] Rimmu-Nation – Gloves N’ Boots
RN Mini tailor (10W Idle, 180W Active)

1- UN-Colony
Electric Arc Furnace (400W Idle, 3000W Active)
Metalworking Line (10W Idle, 400W Active)
Assembly Line (10W Idle, 400W Active)
Construction Machinery (20W Idle, 800W Active)
Fuel Oil Refinery (10W Idle, 400W Active)
Diesel Refinery (10W Idle, 400W Active)
Advanced Refinery (10W Idle, 600W Active)

VGP Garden Gourmet
Electric Oven (50W Idle, 1250W Active)
Food Prep Table (10W Idle, 750W Active)
Sweets Table (10W Idle, 400W Active)
Electric Milling Stone (10W Idle, 200W Active)

VGP Garden Fabrics
Electric Loom (10W Idle, 500W Active)

Endgame Buildings
Hi-tech Kitchen (10W Idle, 1000W Active)
Planetary Drill (10W Idle, 1000W Active)
Vitals Monitor MKII (10W Idle, 500W Active)

Planetary Drill+
Planetary Drill+ (10W Idle, 7000W Active)

Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Production
Large machining table (10W Idle, 1400W Active)
Large electric smithy (10W Idle, 1000W Active)
Large stove (10W Idle, 1500W Active)
Large tailoring table (10W Idle, 500W Active)
Assembly bench (10W Idle, 600W Active)
Electric Butcher (10W Idle, 800W Active)
Electric Drug Lab (10W Idle, 900W Active)
Electric Stone Cutter (10W Idle, 600W Active)

A Dog Said… Animal Prosthetics
Animal prosthetics table (10W Idle, 250W Active)

Mending workbench (10W Idle, 600W Active)

What the hack?!
Mechanoid hacking facility (10W Idle, 700W Active)
Mechanoid workshop (10W Idle, 900W Active)

[RF] Fertile Fields
Rock mill (10W Idle, 900W Active)

Expanded Woodworking
Electric woodworking table (10W Idle, 600W Active)

RimWriter – Books, Scrolls, Tablets, and Libraries
Electric papermaking station (10W Idle, 370W Active)

[WD] Reinforced Doors
Reinforced Autodoor (5W Idle, 500W Active)

Electric Butcher Table Continued
Electric Butcher Table (10W Idle, 500W Active)

Smokeleaf Industry Reborn
Smokeleaf Cultivation Bench (10W Idle, 350W Active)
Smokeleaf Medicinals Lab (10W Idle, 550W Active)
Smokeleaf Auto Trimmer (10W Idle, 1100W Active)

[CP] Military Furniture
PC comms desk (10W Idle, 250W Active)
PC research desk (10W Idle, 270W Active)
Black hat station (10W Idle, 500W Active)
VR trainer (Arcade) (10W Idle, 300W Active)
VR trainer (Arcade II) (10W Idle, 300W Active)
VR trainer (Aperture Science) (10W Idle, 350W Active)
Red phone (10W Idle, 300W Active)
Military radio (10W Idle, 350W Active)

[D] Thermodynamics – Hot Meals
Microwave (5W Idle, 1000W Active)

HolyWasher (Continued)
Holy Washer (5W Idle, 900W Active)


  • yes, that is what I have done. ”An identifier is required, the operator and version are optional”Since I dont have a version specified it should work, but it doesnt. So either the repowerreborn needs to change their versionnumber to 3 or 4 numbers, or fluffy needs to fix the mod manager so it works according to the guide. I have already iterated this earlier.
  • I have checked now and its Fluffys Mod Manager that has an issue with the version-number for RepowerReborn. Fluffys documentation says that version types of 2-4 numbers are supported but RePowerReborn has version 1.2 and in my dependecies I have no version specified at all for the dependency.As a test I changed the version in RePowerReborn manifest to 1.2.0 and after this the Mod Manager has no issues. So I think you have to take this up with either the author of RePowerReborn to make him change his version or report it to Fluffy as a bug in his Mod Manager. Either way, I can do anything in my mod to prevent this.
  • Hi Mlie. For the What the hack mechanoid platform, it doesn’t appear to ever be turning on to the active status. Regardless of if it has a mech in it, recovering or not, it’s always using 10 watts of power. I would think it’s a bit more complicated to set up with RePower (since it’s not really a workbench) and the trigger to set it as active or not may not have been set properly.
  • I have removed the non-working stuff from What the hack, only the benches seemed to work.I tested that mod but none of the buildings are technically ‘benches’ so the RePower mod does not work on them. Its the same issue as epishade noticed with the What the hack-mod. You will have to ask the owner of the RePower-mods to see if its possible to add support for non-benches.
  • What the Hack has a lot of buildings that I would love to see implemented with RePower. Fertile Fields also has a Rock Crusher table too. Thanks for keeping up with the mod Mlie. I was going to suggest also taking a look at Dubs Bad Hygiene, but I saw you already tried that. Ah well
  • Nice patchwork! Really enjoying more realistic power consumption, batteries make so much more sense with this. If you’re up for more work here’s another mod with power: [WD] Reinforced Doors The reinforced autodoors from this mod could use a patch, idle power consumption starts to add up when they’re 40W each.

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