[RH] Faction: Umbra Company

MOD Desc
Umbra Company is a different breed. No more smokeleaf high Pirates.

Started by 3 crashlanded survivors, all of which come from an ex-special forces background. Under the name of ‘The Shepherds’ they inspired many to fend for themselves. After the death of their colony leader, her husband re-branded the faction into a PMC and began blaming outlanders for her death. Umbra Company has then dedicated it’s time tormenting local communities.

[1.1] Notice:
– BTR-70 removed.

Chinese Translation:

Saito Yui – TraderKinds 1.1 fix
Mehni – Backpacks 1.1 fix
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Thanos with the infinity gauntlet
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Ods and BajtMe – For help with awesome apparel textures
Jecrell, Jdalt40, dninemfive and Spdskatr – For C# coding assistance and patches
PAVEL PLATIL animation studios – BTR-70 model


Latest update breaks CE FT compatibility due to BTR-70 being added.

  • – The faction already got major setbacks due to the loss of their infantry fighting vehicles and tanks, there had to be some real threat for endgame players running around in power armor, people with killboxes and spacer weapons. Adding an option to remove that would require C# coding, which would be something I can’t do. Has to stay for now, unfortunately.I did intend for the mod to be used with Red Horse Furniture since that mod balances out some of the difficulty with the ability to call for reinforcements, if you had ally factions and a raid began you have the ability to cut down on your own losses. Anyways, I’ll think about all of this some other time
  • AnnouncementUmbra Company will receive an update. The BTR-70 APC and MBT-70 Tank will be added into the faction as they were initially intended to, this faction will now be more deadly to deal with than they already are due to the addition of these vehicles. B18 was wild, but with the current stats the 1.0 version of these armored fighting vehicles will be a lot more difficult to deal with for your colonists if you intend on fighting them with bullets alone (the ol’ fashioned way)Anybody who uses ‘What The Hack’ may enjoy this and take those vehicles for them to control, but I’m leaving an advanced note and warning to those who may not like the upcoming changes.Tank coding has been updated, which means War Mongrels and other factions that use them are coming soon.Cheers all, see you all in the battlefield.
  • Chogan – Hello there! Yes it was this faction mod. A boss pawntype has a 50/50 chance of spawning with the orbital targeter that this faction uses, it has a 12 second delay and beeping that starts along with the ‘warning’ before the explosion begins.I have no intentions of taking it off because the danger this faction imposes against players in the endgame running around with killboxes and super soldiers will become near zero.If you want to personally edit the code, you go into the mod’s Defs folder and head over to the ‘pawntypes’ .xml file and find the boss pawntype, take off the orbital bomber within the weapontags they can spawn with. Cheers- Welcome back! Always good to see you here Dominique
  • – the mod you installed that requires ammo crafting is Combat Extended.By default, Combat Extended only provides compatibility patches for a small selection of mods, which does not include any Rimmu-Nation factions or mods. This is why Umbra Company pawns spawn with no ammo in Combat Extended.As I mentioned previously, I am working with a few other people on an independent forked version of Combat Extended, called Combat Extended: FastTrack Edition. It includes patches and support for much more mods, including all RN factions like Umbra Company.There is no official release yet, but you can download the latest development version here: https://github.com/AthenaSulisMinerva/CombatExtendedFastTrack/archive/master.zip
  • – I believe this has something to do with you enabling the mod mid-save, please check your medicine options if they’re disabled for colonist use, an indicator of this would be colonists also ignoring the MREs since they’re disabled in their diet settings. For more info on this, I pinned that thread in the discussions sectioncυnт – If you go to the Combat Extended description, this mod and many other mods that adds new weapons fall under the category of incompatible. Unfortunately it’s no easy task to make a patch for that mod and my other ones to make it work easily.- He’d have to edit pawnkind weapon tags too or else there will be errors- It’s a faction mod- No way to do that unless you directly edit my mod’s code
  • For those asking for CE support:RaptorX, AthenaSulisMinerva and I have been working on a fork of CE called Combat Extended: FastTrack Edition , which works exactly like the original CE, except that it natively adds compatibility to all Rimmu-Nation and Project Red Horse mods. In fact, CE: FastTrack supports 45 mods, compared with only 31 mods for the original CE.Currently, you can download CE: FastTrack from GitHub: https://github.com/AthenaSulisMinerva/CombatExtendedFastTrack/archive/master.zip As this is intended to be a full, drop-in replacement, make sure you completely delete the original CE mod from your Mods folder before installing CE: FastTrack Edition. This is 100% compatible with existing CE savegames , and you can also safely switch back to using the original CE mod if you wish.A Steam Release will be available in a few months’ time.

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