MOD Desc
Adds in immunization medications that grant immunity to a specific disease for a quadrum. Later game research can also allow for the creation of bulk doses for all natural diseases or mechanite diseases.

Bulk immunization doses cost 4 Neutroamine and 100 work. Single-disease immunization doses cost 2 Neutroamine and 50 work.

Immunizations only prevent new diseases from occurring; they do not cure existing infections, including ones that are not yet visible.

Great for giving your hospital something to do when nobody’s sick or dying.

IMPORTANT: Rimmunizations is very Neutroamine-heavy, especially with large populations. At the risk of inciting a heated debate, I have not included the ability to manufacture Neutroamine in Rimmunizations. However, I would recommed that you install a mod that allows you to manufacture Neutroamine.

Also, no, it doesn’t cause autism. Please stop.

I spent 7 hours in perfect harmony with the world around me, by the time it happened I was 6 settlers in, my wolves and dogs were having puppies, food was plentiful and my chickens were laying so many eggs. Everyone had the perfect job, perfect personality, the entire world was before my feet…that’s when it happened.

I sent my hunter out with a rifle to hunt for food to feed my cute little puppies, she spots a dear lines up her shot and BAM. The dear goes down instantly, as im about to harvest I notice something…

There’s a herd of twenty off ing dear coming towards my encampment, their eyes blazing red with anger. I draft everyone to WAR and commence with the most exhilerating 2D battle ive ever experienced…

In the end I lost everything…They killed everyone and everything stamped to death brutally with the hooves of satans minions…Those poor defenseless puppies…Oh God…….I WILL AVENGE YOU!!

I am now 8 hours into playing this game, choosing a solitary life on a new world as I had never saved the game with those poor defenseless puppies thinking I would never need to in such a simple.. easy.. game, how wrong I was.


Where do I start! This game is awsome and has me hooked to keep comming back for more.

You are in charge of a colony or single person depending on the game you want to start. You build structures grow food, bad guys come and try to kill you. You get good guys who come and trade. Difficulty is set at the start so you can choose how difficult it is.

Random problems come from time to time which can be minor or major. Getting over these mostly is fairly easy but some of the bigger harder problems can finish the game for you as everyone one you loved dies.

I really love this game as it is simlar to many that are on steam but failed to finish the game. The Dev still is supporting the game and updates are slow, but the game is stable and plays well. Loads of mods keep the game supported with new options or challenges and extra stuff.

Looking forward to new changes and wondering what else is to come.

I did find that the price tag was quite high and didnt want to pay more than £6-7 for the game since so many have failed to deliver. The game IS worth the money. Out of 7412 people 96% when writing this review had positive things to say.

This may or may not have biased my review, but at the time when I purchased Rimworld, it was at the same time when I had purchased No Man’s Sky. I thought it would be nice to jump in to a spectrum of different, otherworldly experiences with two very different games. I must say, the hype reception behind both games was definitely polar opposites. Rimworld was my favorite game of 2016 and I foresee myself playing it for many more years to come.

The game is a procedural storytelling simulation that leaves a lot of blanks to be filled in with your imagination. If you like games like Prison Architect, Terraria, and (stick with me here) ARK, Fallout… you will like this game. The community is also great, with a relatively active modding community, but don’t think that you HAVE to mod this game. The base game is definitely good enough to get you going.

Every time you die or lose your game, you’ll find yourself compelled to want to restart again, taking what you’ve learned and trying to increase survivability for your next attempt. I’d highly recommend playing on Permadeath mode, as it makes the experience worth your while. Think of that like Diablo ‘Hardcore’ mode.

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