The Marine Corps Kit

MOD Desc

Outfits Version:

Mod includes modern and traditional Marine Corps equipment featuring:
– Edible Crayons
– R Lee Ermey, air support radio voice
– Marine Corps Battle Dress Uniform, Desert and Forest MARPAT camo variants which covers top to bottom
– Smokey Bear for Drill Instructors
– Low and High Threat Marine Corps armor vests
– USMC Kabar fighting knife
– Colonists that are deployed can now have their girlfriends stolen by Jodie

Does not include:
– Jelly Donut
– Private Pyle
– Chesty Puller
– Mad Dog Mattis
– P.T. Good for you, good for me
– My grandmother was 71, she did P.T. just for fun
– My grandmother was 72, she did P.T. like me and you
– 25 push ups
– 10 Mile run
– Glue

Credits to:
Jesus Christ – Suffered for your sins so you can be saved
Saintsgot – For reminding me to credit Jesus
rooki1 – Crafting table coding
Shinzy – Organization, brand new coding system.
Valve – Original SAS CS:GO Models
Andrew_Helenek – SAS Model Reference
Tynan – everything coding base
Jecrell – Old Coding
Rah – Old Coding
Mercer a.k.a. jaeger972 – Old Coding
Mark VincentII – Weapon coding
Immanuel – our saviour
NoImageAvailable – Combat Extended artwork, coding
TRP – Colonist Body Art base
RT – Weapons inspiration
R Lee Ermey – Airstrike and EMP Strike voice
ThatOddGuy – Smoke grenade coding

– I’ve gotten busier, I wish I could go back to the days of dishing out mods weekly, but anyway, the Corps will come as a faction, I don’t know when, but the latest should be around A18 and the earliest is before that, the Bivvy bag as 100 cloth makes sense to me since a duster is around 75 cloth and I was already cheap enough with some clothing costing only 90 cloth, I really wanted the rest effectiveness to not be too hindered because the idea of having portable beds is for combat, and if the healing factor determined by bed rest effectiveness was low then I wouldn’t wanna waste cloth and would rather use the sleeping spot.As for CE, Binkow will do it if he wants, he doesn’t do it because I tell him to, he chooses to do it on his own

Hey I found a bug which happens when trying to make a PT Belt at the tailoring bench. The error makes a Wooden Unfinished Apparel and it just dissapears when completed. Steam won’t allow the full log so I’ll just post the first linesMakeThing error: Tried to make UnfinishedApparel from Component which is not a stuff. Assigning default.Verse.Log:Error(String)Verse.ThingMaker:MakeThing(ThingDef, ThingDef)Verse.AI.c__AnonStorey4A5:m__77A()Verse.AI.JobDriver:TryActuallyStartNextToil()Verse.AI.JobDriver:ReadyForNextToil()Verse.AI.JobDriver:Notify_PatherArrived()Verse.AI.Pawn_PathFollower:PatherArrived()Verse.AI.Pawn_PathFollower:StartPath_Patch1(Object, LocalTargetInfo, PathEndMode)Verse.AI.c__AnonStorey4F2:m__7DA()It is a little longer but I hope this is enough.

Sure thing, Bivvi Bag with Woobies, just have to figure out how to make that Bivvi Bag actually keep someone warm outside, thanks for the suggestions, need to update this mod soon anywayHitler II This mod makes you finish high school, join the corps for money to go College, get yelled at by men and women wearing Smokey Bears, spend 5 years living life hardcore and doing lots and lots of cleaning, then you go out and use your money to pay for college and you’re surrounded by a bunch of people who have never lived life knowing what it’s like to be independent and to take responsibilities seriously so you hate all of them, but you realize you’re not much better than they are if it weren’t for the people who taught you valuable lessons by treating you unfairly and badly.Also your girlfriend cheated on you, you didn’t have one but after you got one she did. I hope this answers your question.

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