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Quality M E M E

This mod plays the roblox death sound when a human pawn dies
For your memetic entertainment

A good game on it’s own, this game becomes something else entirely once you visit the Steam Workshop page. The ease of adding mods and the amount of content that can packed into this game is unlike anything I’ve ever played. I was never really interested in sims or anything similar to Rimworld but after how highly it was recommended to me by someone who is very critical and burns through games, I bought it.
I’m not one to get emotional about singleplayer games but there are things I’ve done in this game that I am proud of and things I regret. I’ve had my colonists kill each other over the last seat at a table because the only thing they had to look forward to about being forced to eat a meal of uncooked meat about an hour short of rotting was that they didn’t have to eat it off the floor.
There was a time a starving raider tore his way through my base during the middle of a -30 degree winter, bust down a wall into my freezer like the kool-aid man and stuff the last of my food reserves into his coat. I thought that was it, everyone was going to starve but then the guy binged on my alcohol supply and drunk himself into a coma. He uhm… ended up being added to the food stockpile.
I once kidnapped someone who just happened to be passing by because one of my own had an infection that was going to kill them unless they got a kidney transplant to replace the one they lost when they were gored by a rampaging rhinoceros.
I’ve gotten prisoners addicted to drugs because it kept them happy while my warden tried to recruit them.

This all sounds horrible but on the Rim, everything has a price and survival isn’t cheap. There are no free lunches when food is a privilege allowed only to those who can protect it from anyone and everyone who is looking to survive at any cost.
The gameplay is okay, the mechanics are okay, it runs well and even running hundreds of mods at the same time in the 2000hrs I’ve spent on Rimworld the game itself has only just crashed to desktop ONCE. With as many mods running and calculations going on I encounter bugs, some of them even causing me to have to abandon save games that I had spent hours and hours on but I keep coming back to it!

The reason for that is despite those losses, for me this game’s value isn’t in how the stories it tells end; the value is in how things unfolded along the way.
Also there is no right or wrong way of playing this game. If you would rather starve than eat another human being then you can play the whole game without ever putting someone on the butchering table and making meals out of them. However in this game, you can issue orders to your ‘pawns’ and give them tasks but you cannot control how they feel and what they think. If Johnny is starving he might decide eating that raider you killed yesterday is preferable to death by starvation. Lucy might decide Mike is a jerk and call him out, causing them to get in a social fight and turn your dining room into a target range. Or the great storyteller in the sky might just decide that Pyromaniac Pete thinks it’s too cold and decide he’s going to set something (or many things) on fire to warm the place up.

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