VGP Vegetable Garden 1.0

MOD Desc
This is the old version of my mods on steam. When 1.1 came out i release a new separate 1.1 version. I have since learned how to multi-version my mods and the 1.1 releases have both 1.0 and 1.1.

Those can be found here in this collection:
Vegetable Garden 1.0 / 1.1 Collection

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  • I understand the argument, but I don’t think it’s a good one. The game at least on that specific thing we’re talking about is not unrealistic, making it not realistic is not accepting the lack of realism of the game it’s increasing it. More than that what is the point of those systems there ? Are they the way the mod balance itself ? If that’s so it’s important to see that the universality of a system already existing within Rimworld is destroyed by those requirements. Happily he destroys everything of that system and all existing plants have that new way to be produced, making the new system universal, but that new system is way less logical and realistic than it was beforeAgain, I’m interested, please keep it up dear dismarzero (and the way you want to, meaning ignore me if you want to) But my opinion is that it could much better.
  • Of course my comment of the 24 february doesn’t make senses seeing the comment I was answering to has been deleted. The unrealistic mechanic in this mod is the tiers for plants, first they’re incredibly randomly divided within those tiers (Apples ain’t harder to grow than beans, just longer). And for most plants there is no difference in the difficulty or knowledge needed to grow. WHat ‘s interessting with this mod is just the variety and some mechanics like the facts that some plants aren’t destroyed when harvested which for an apple tree for exemple is extremely normal.I would replace different tiers with a difference whittin the probability of surviving within a specific climate (apple should be hard to grow on deserts, snow beats easy to grow on ice, etc.) And if that’s already done (first I’ll download this right away) please just suppress the different tiers, they’re nonsensic and unrealistic.
  • patch errors from the mods within VGP are expected. I wrote a note about this in the description on my patch for VGP under the ‘Issues’ section. To summarize, this is because I make those same patches in Expanded Woodworking. Everything which appeared in those failed patches, I implement within Expanded Woodworking VGP as well as way of keeping everything running smooth and giving you the changes from the mods within VGP. You can continue to play with the Stuffed Workbenches mod. That is the mod that causes my one patch to fail since it is only doing the same thing Stuffed Workbenches already did, make the brewery stuffed. This is why my patch fail error disappeared when you removed it. These errors won’t cause any problems within your save want a better explanation to what I am talking about in the response to BlueTressym in relation to your mods, let me know.
  • Hello! Recently started playing this mod and I love it, but its coming up with some errors:XML error: Duplicate XML node name sowResearchPrerequisites in this XML block: 5trueCould not load UnityEngine.Texture2D at Things/Plants/CoffeePlant/CoffeePlant in any active mod or in base resourcesMatFrom with null sourceTexIt doesn’t seem to affect the game at all, but I am wondering if there are any ways to fix this? Perhaps is there a mod that I should be installing to help this? Also, I find that the garden tea doesn’t show up in the storage area section under ‘drinks’. I have also found that in some cases ‘coffee’ and ‘tea’ doubles up in production areas. If needed I can also come up with a list of my mods. I can also give you a full version of the log via this link:

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