[1.0] RePower

MOD Desc
Important: This mod requires HubsLib to be loaded before it in the load order.
Rebalance power consumption based on when an object is in use.

Generally speaking, power consumers will use substantially reduced power when not in use, and substantively more power when in use. Power consumption will accordingly vary wildly based on usage, rather than the vanilla behaviour of simply how many worktables or doors you have.

Effected Buildings:
Electric Tailoring Bench (10W Idle, 500W Active)
Electric Smithy (10W Idle, 1000W Active)
Machining Table (10W Idle, 1400W Active)
Electric Stove (10W Idle, 1000W Active)
Electric Smelter (400W Idle, 4500W Active)
Biofuel Refinery (10W Idle, 1800W Active)
Fabrication Bench (10W Idle, 1800W Active)
Electric Crematorium (200W Idle, 750W Active)

Multi-Analyzer (10W Idle, 600W Active) (Active when an associated research table is in use)
Vitals Monitor (10W Idle, 1000W Active) (Active when the associated medical bed is in use)
HiTech Research Bench (100W Idle, 1000W Active)
AutoDoor (5W Idle, 500W Active) (Active when open, but not blocked or held)

Televisions (10W Idle, 400W Active) (Active when being watched)

Deep Drill (10W Idle, 500W Active)

This is an unofficial update

Where does this mod comes from?
I used the based mod of RePower and implement Harmony’s Patching instead of Detouring as per instructed by HugsLib. Detouring has been replaced by patching using Harmony since HugsLib v3.0.0 (for A17). This is not an update from B18 version (as he modder did not provide any source, and decompiling is annoying).

Anything else change?
Updated the name changed of Refinary to Biofuel Refinary and Component Assembly Bench to Fabrication Bench.

I did nothing of sorts. All the power values are based on what Texel (original modder) did.

RePower (A16) SteamWorkshop | Ludeon Forum[ludeon.com]

Decoherent (for requesting this update casually in a video)
Texel (for making this mod)
UnlimitedHugs (for HugsLibs)
pardeike (for Harmony)
Tynan Sylvester (for Rimworld)

This game is absolutely brutal m/
Though it’s in Early Access, I would almost consider it full-featured already (definitely still some major fixes/additions I’m waiting on)
Astoundingly detailed character health/skills/personality/mood – love it. Like The Sims ‘needs’ system with Dwarf Fortress injuries and equipment.
Weather, seasons, temperature
Mods up the butt!
Random occurrances such as pirate raids, visitors, heatwaves, rabid animals, and toxic smog keep the game interesting
If you don’t take care of them, colonists go berserk and start murdering their own — just like in the USA!
Pets (it’s really something special when your colonists run around naked and yell at trees because their cat died)
Prisons and prisoner recruiting and organ harvesting
The game world only exists in 2 dimensions. As a result, resources can be much scarcer than in Dwarf Fortress and similar games. Mining only gets you so far, then you need to sell crops, animals, art, or people to trade for things like steel and gold. This would be alright, except you’ve no idea how long you may need to wait before someone willing to trade comes along with the resources you want.
One wrong click in combat and your dudes will straight murder eachother. A friendly fire toggle with some kind of simple combat AI would be nice. All I want is for the colonist with the shotgun to take a step to the side before splattering friendly melons everywhere!

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