[CP] Military Furniture (B18)

MOD Desc
Is your life so hardcore that you need to eat, sleep and peep looking tacticool, as if you are at war 24/7?!


This mod adds military themed furniture, from ammo can stools, ammo crate tables, footlockers and cot beds, you’re gonna feel like you’re deployed overseas despite the fact that you have never seen a single moment of combat for your entire life!

– Military cot beds, with footlockers, IV Support and Instrument table for medical bed conversion
– IV Support and Instrument Table requires drug production researched
– PC Research bench (can only research up to tier 2 technology)
– Mailbox trade beacon (only able to trade within the Planet, not to orbital ships)
– Military grade diesel generators and portable version
– Tacticool radio with many songs, mostly taken from Metal Gear Solid V and others from Vietnam War era and etc.
– Tacticool fridge to tactically store your food so they wont tactically rot or tactically eaten by scavengers
– Mini floodlight, more powerful than a standing lamp
– Floorings
– Nano Machines, son
– Vending Machines, son
– Maxi buns machine with authentic Big Boss decoy quotes
– Maxi bun burgers… Such a lust for burgers..
– Chairforce chair for POGs to sit around in all day while all the grunts do the work in the field
– Footlockers that your instructors can destroy because you failed to lock it, also you left a Jelly Donut inside
– Many more

Planned features:
– Reinforcements beacon. ‘The Red Phone’
– Mission board that allows you to select missions at the cost of silver
– Recruitment of wanderers through mission board
– Other stuff that requires C#
– HESCO walls (maybe)

In loving memory of R. Lee Ermey.

Special thanks to:
Jecrell – coding tacticool radios and tacticool fridges tacticooly
Rusty Blade – for his service in the US Army and giving me tips on the furniture he has encountered during his service
Odstriman – texture, coding and moral support
Frequent fliers – to those of you who always drop by to comment or view mods, thanks for keeping the community alive, may you enjoy the game!

  • – Yes, enabling mods (unless they are mods that affect the geography or factions) for saves, they will work. You just have to watch the game automatically disabling new items in stockpiles, just re-enable them.Also the issue that does break saves is disabling a mod while it’s saved in your game, cause then the game errors saying it can’t be found.- Me too, it is very nice and relaxing to sit down at home with itRabid Otter – Me too, it was in production with Jecrell, but currently on hold due to funding and stuff. Will be back in production in a bit. Thanks!Dr. Ben Carson – Hey doc, glad you like it!
  • Stable unfinished update available here: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=40519.180 Features currently missing:Vending MachinesVending Machine food and beveragesFloorsHESCO BarrierClassy 1×1 tableThis has the mission board and the red phone, though unfortunately so far it doesn’t have delicious burgers from the Vending Machines since those haven’t been updated in yet. I will be away for a week, I hope this update will make some happy until the full release and I finish everything, cheerio and enjoy the new furniture!
  • – Not a bug, the Vending Machines can make you profit, I’ll sort out balancing later when I get more bigger update out of the way, along with helping with other projects (e.g. SST)- What a thrill…Wolf – B18, it works for Beta 18. Other stuff on the planned list and the final preview is just upcoming stuff not yet available- Yep, aware of this, Vending Machine texture and size coding needs work to stop it phasing around, may just make it fridge size later. As for guests using them, that’s a whole nother ballgame that requires AI coding in C#, I cant promise it coming- 100% combat extended compatibleThanks to everyone else who commented and said nice things, excuse me while I go fix some more stuff while balancing daily life (please send help)
  • SNAAAKE!Hey guys, thanks for the usual suspects showing up for the ol’ heartwarming welcome home. I’m currently working on re-mastering DOOM Factions with new power armors, new items for the UAC such as Nano Healers, UAC drone robots with GAUSS cannons, a more accurate praetor suit and UAC armors and last but not least:Weaponized Cyber Demon. I have a backlog of factions unreleased on Steam, they will come soon after fixing all issues and balancing stuff with them.All progress here: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=40519.30 Take care all!
  • Canada Williams – It’s as intended, the only other radio mod in this game is from Call of Cthulhu industrial buildings or furnitures mod, the music has no lyrics and words. This is not only to avoid copyright and potentially getting banned from Workshop by Rimworld mods that do quality control to avoid trouble, but also to make the music work with other players that do not speak english. Descriptions are easier to translate with .xml, but with music, there’s a potential trouble with copyright and translation.One more thing, the full songs aren’t actually included, they are cropped to fade out and loop, lyrics would ruin this. This was for memory issues, the mod is already 41MB and it would be a lot more bigger if I had the full songs. Hope you understand, there were many considerations that went to music

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