MOD Desc
This mod Add to Mini white dragon.

– Stat
Value : 900
Size : 0.7
Wildness : 54%
Temperature : -30 ~ 40
MoveSpeed : 5.74
DPS : 6.4
HealthScale : 1.5
ExpectancyAge : 35 (0 ~Puppy~ 1 ~Juvenile~ 2.5 ~Adult)
FoodType : Omnivore
Gestation Period : 56

Wool(?) : 60day, x1 RedGemstone

RedGemstone : Value 600, Selling item

– Appearance position
low probability, one appears in cold climates or in temperate climate.

— Compatible Modes —
– A Dog Said..
– Combat Extended (X)

– English
– German (Trunken)

So, I’ve finally played it a little so I think I might give out a bit of an opinion on this piece, been around since B18 and bought this little gem out of complete spontaneity and I CAN’T STOP, SOMEONE HELP!

This is crack in a form of a game, if you like RTS/RPG/Management/Tactic-, you know what, if you like gaming in general there is a pretty solid chance you will love Rimworld, it can be fun, it can bring you to tears, it can make you laugh, it can bend you over and brutally… do things… to your rear end.

Baseline premise, you pick everything, from your colonists you start with, to the ‘storyteller’ (which you will learn to hate, yes, hi Randy I can see you with your bag full of Zzzts you f…), to the planet you generate all the way to the size and conditions in your area, where you will build a glorious colony and eventually either have your colonists build a rocket, or get your eyeballs eaten by a pack of man eating chickens, yes that is in fact a thing.

While not graphically impressive, the graphics do what they must in order to facilitate everything and clearly tell you if something wrong, you could say any more fidelity would make this game worse in a way. But, enough about the looks, what matters here are mechanics and boy are there a lot of those here, Rim is insanely detailed in almost every aspect and can be very grim at times, when you have a colonist get his legs shot/chopped/bitten off during a raid, effectively rendering him useless, choice is on you, do you dedicate resources to fix him, or do you euthanize him and recruit someone else, despite him having a wife and a brother living in your colony who love him very, very much. You might think what I’m saying is blown out of proportion, but well, it isn’t, anything like that can happen and if you ask people about their stories from Rim, heck if you just scroll down through reviews I’m sure you will find plenty like that one. So, while it is true that Rimworld has no set story and randomly generated stories don’t seem that great, well it’s not quite the case, because each and every colony you build will have its own little stories eventually woven into a great big adventure you will remember.

Better yet, these stories and the way Rim will play with you, it will turn you into a monster, even if you think yourself a goody-two-shoes and always help the old lady across the street, here you will kill, maim, brutalize and generally disregard any human morals you might have, because being a good guy in Rimworld is nothing, but trouble with very little return. Why would I pick up the raider that just ran into the crossfire only to earn himself several bullet wounds, to heal him and let him return home? Oh ho ho no. I will let him bleed out, die and then I will pick him up, strip him, burn the clothes, chop him to pieces and make fashionable hats out of his buttcheeks and while I’m at it let’s cook him into survival meals, that we will sell to traders who often stop by here to restock on their food supplies, their only complaint ever was ‘That meat tastes a bit funny’.

And this is what can happen in this wonderful little game, in case you were wondering, it’s nothing short of amazing, 10/10 would psychopath again.

So here I was, capturing a prisoner and putting him in my prison. Later on I add a second Prisoner. I decide to have some fun, Dexter style. What I do next is not for the faint of heart, John Snow goes to the prisoners and replaces one of the guys legs with peg legs, then takes out his kidney. I keep the body parts cold until a trader shows up to sell them. I then let the prisoner go free, while keeping his Kidney and legs. What about the last prisoner you ask? I let him off easy and just sold him to a Slaver for silver. After that happened, the other Survivors got really angry and mad because of my organ removal and selling a prisoner to the trader. Leason learned, You’re Colony does not like it when you remove Organs of prisoners or sell them to slavers!

Emprace the failure that you will face young jedi 🙂

Enjoy Colony Management? Building and crafting stuff? Think Cannibalism and taking prisoners sounds fun? Like to die alot? Pick this up!

I have over 200 hours on this game before it came to steam (You could get it from the devs website or if you backed kickstarter). For me this is a game I can sit back and relax while I play, even though things get crazy and intense alot, things still manage to be enjoyable and some how relaxing.

Reminds me of a cross between Prison Architect, Banished and Dwarf Fortress. You can set up bases, scavenge for things, craft stuff and take other people prisoner! Set up you’re colony how ever you want! Allow each character to do only what you see fit.

You can tell that the developer has had a blast working on this game and that alot of love, sweat and tears have gone into crafting this special game. The game also has a great AI storyteller that really effects the game, think of Left 4 Dead’s game master as it tosses different nastyness at you.

Make sure to get some beds up and keep everyone busy! Grab some snacks, create a game and get ready for a real blast! The game also has mod support and has come a long way over the last 3 years. The main guy making this game has done a wonderful job so far and while some might say it is going to slow for them, for me it is perfect. He is taking his time to do things RIGHT. And every single update I look forward to and enjoy.

The good far outweigh the bad in Rimworld, there are a few negatives or things that can be improved though. The UI can use some improvement and for some new players the game can be a bit tough to learn the ins and outs of (aka has a steep learning curve). There is so much good with this game though, the ideas are great, gameplay is fun and you can really be creative in this game if you want to. And lastly, as I mentioned before, I find the game very relaxing, even when I am getting attacked by bandits or animals, or some other crazy thing happening. This is a game worth taking a look at!

Wonderful, unique game that I am SOOO glad to see has come to steam! One of the best indie games of the last 2-3 years for me personally and it isn’t even finished yet. Support this wonderful game and this wonderful fellow who has created this great game. Welcome to steam Rimworld!

One of the greatest indie pc games not only of this year but ever, check it out.

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