Prisoner Arena

MOD Desc
Satisfy your barbarian needs!
Just a small mod I made which allows you arrange fights between your prisoners. Spectators would be happy and get plenty of joy!

How does it work You select two prisoners and start the fight from the arena spot menu. Any pawn capable of wardening will haul the fighters into the fighting area.

Fighters will automatically equip any weapon laying within arena radius

Build it from Misc -> Arena Spot

Should be compatible with practically anything.

Safe to add to existing colony. Before removing the mod make sure you don’t have any arena spots on your map and your prisoners aren’t fighting.

Might be coming
Mass brawls
Score board

And that’s about it. Report the bugs you found! Thanks for stopping by

Updates Updates! 2019-03-05: Fighters now can pick up guns!

Here is my suggestion:The arena spot is a spot. Place the spot in your colony and if you like, build an arena around it.The size affects the size of the ‘spectator’ zone – the grey space around the arena. Don’t build ON the spectator zone – build outside the zone.When you’re ready to brawl, click the spot to nominate 2 pawns to brawl. They need to be prisoners. You can’t pick colonists. Click the BRAWL button. IMPORTANT: if the prisoners are in the same room they will fight instantly where they stand – NOT in the arena. You can work around this by making sure prisoners about to brawl are separated. Manipulate prisoner beds and sleeping spots to get them into separate rooms. You can then click BRAWL and wardens will move them to the arena.As pointed out below – you can also brawl, quickly pause, select a warden, then right click the arena spot and get the warden to set up the prisoners inside the arena. Just ensure the prisoners are separated before you click BRAWL.

Aaaaand on our right, the challenger . . and we have something special for you today . . She was caught crossing our borders unlawfully and without Payment. This quiet, frail, elderly woman’s auto-scans indicated advanced arthritis, cancerous growths of the liver and the scars of a life of suffering . . yes, I know people! . . Why is she not in the Mercy Room now? What sport could she offer?!Because we decided to give her a second chance! Generosity can be it’s own reward!Just *look* at her! The Col-Med teams worked all night, and she stands before you a new woman! Industrial strength piston-joints! Fingers swapped for carbon-nanotube grips! Complete spinal exo-placement! Her right eye is an advanced military targeting ocular! And for motivation, the promise of medical assistance, freedom and . . . well, we just shot three syringes of QX3-Ultra Agg-Enhancer into her spinal fluid before we brought her out! So, before she bites her new arms off, I give you . . . ‘Bucket’!

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