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MOD Desc

WORK IN PROGRES this isnt finished, but normally steam is a greate place to test and get feedback, so i release this as a beta, as my time is limited atm and im working on Project Rimfactory alot, but this been sitting for month waiting to finish.
Shouldnt be any gamebreaking updates, but cant promise.

Should be save to add to existing games, and also overwrite included mods, just remember to turn off any mod autosort call ‘incompat’ they are already included in this mod =)

Any old items from colab mod should still be there if you install this and uninstall those mods, research may be lost though.
since i made a combined system for less clutter in research.

Those mods where just one or more items are borrowed will still work if install full mod. (this should be considered a lite version of those)

– Incompatible mod in auto sort are mods that already are included in this mod, or similar function.

Original for this mod was making upon my retextures for gloomy vanilla. But with permission from alot of awesome mod creators i started working on a vanilla style all in one Hospital extension instead. This mod include alot of great medical mods, and adding some flavour to your hospital. It still let you choose your own medical mods like Epoe, Ads and such and only adding in linkables and small visuals or options for beds and decors.

so you dont need 10 mods to add abit flavour to hospitals in RW, im really glad so many mod owners thought this would be a good idea too, and i REALLY think you should all go and see what amazing mods they have more.

A Hospital extension mod that aim to add some more spice for hospitals to the game, mostly linkables, structure and decorations.
No drugs, operations or other medical stuff, so should be compat. and work as a extension to mods like EPOE and such.

What does this mod do? – Move hospital and research stuff into a Hospital tab
– 2 animal hospital beds
– Drip stands
– Medical linkables to beds
– Sterile colored floor, door and walls
– Glowing Healroots
– New textures for prosthetics
Over time i hope to add more beds, for not just support for fast regen.

Full mod inclusion (mods on this list will be made incomptable to not double that mod)
– Sulusdacors – [sd] medicaddon
– Captain Staky – Red Sterile Tile
– Suno – Animal Medical Bed
– Syrchalis – [SYR] Glowing Healroot
– Automatic – Bionic Icons (please use hes High quality textures with it)
– Pravus – High Tech Laboratory Facilities (1.0/1.1 version by Mlie)
– Proxyer/freepik – Architecht icon/patch (for marcin212s Architect Icons)
– Dr Zhivago, zzz – WalledVitals + spacer walled vitals

Some items used in here (install those mod too, for full experiance)

– Cucumpear – LED Lights 1 Medical LED Light(compatible with full mod)
– Knight – Medical IV’s (collab, a few of he’s IV. install original for full experiance)

Got permission but not used yet:
– Pelador – Medical Supplements using equipments stuff from here

– Oskar Potocki/Atlas – VFE Medical module, inspiration to Sterile walls.
– Daniledmans – Fast regen, inspiration for animal bed.

Licences: Please See/contact original creators to see their licences agreements
– All used in here are used according to license or with permission from owners
– All My work is Released under MIT BUT make sure its mine and not other modders work.

Supported mods to go into hospital tab:
– Medical Training
– Fast regen
– Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Medical module
– Questionable Ethics Enhance
– Harvest Organs Post Mortem
– Glittertech
– Life support
– Epoe + Forked
– A Dog Said… Animal Prosthetics
– Cyber fauna
– Brain in a jar
– Bondaged Beds Addon

If you dont like stuff getting moved to Hospital tab, create a local copy of this mod and remove patches file in /patches/…

-Augmented Turtle Squad // Team ATS
[]Feel free to join our discord

  • Requesting support for (if there’s any need): Diseases Overhauled Communicable DiseasesCybernetic Organism and Neural NetworkAdvanced Bionic Production for GlittertechApothecaryDeath RattleMechanite AugmentationMedical SupplementsPawnmorpherPrisoner HarvestingEvolved Organs Redux(I don’t even know if some of those can actually be made compatible, just threw some mods which have medical/bionic things in)
  • I’m uncertain as to how the most recent update may affect your mod’s compatibility and am concerned that it could cause problems in my game. Prior to your review I’m hesitant to use it. If you are willing and able I would greatly appreciate your efforts to update it if needed or confirm that it is compatible with the latest version. I know that you of course have many things going on in real life that are more important than maintaining this mod. Your mod is very important to me so I will wait patiently. Your mod cost me nothing yet has brought me so much enjoyment. You made and published it out of the goodness of your heart and asked for nothing in return which is absolutely awesome! I thank you for your time and hope all is well with you.Best wishes,A loyal fan of your mod =)
  • Thanks! It also seems like you should load ‘More Furniture’ ( ) after this mod, because of its ‘High Tech Laboratory Facilities‘ (I got an error about linkables, or something). It might also just be incompatible (a comment on the A16 version says as much). I have spontaneously decided that the Vanilla Expanded Furniture mods are enough for me, but I thought I’d mention it regardless.
  • Have you thought about adding one of the ‘Blood pack’ mods in (like or ), or does that fall under stuff you don’t want to integrate? If you’re interested, there is apparently a framework mod that overhauls bleeding somewhat, which might be interesting:
  • Concerning ‘Medical Supplements’: Do you want to integrate everything, or just the ‘furniture’ (=equipment?)? If it’s the latter, I hope you don’t make the mods incompatible, because I’m interested in your mod, but would like to keep using the whole of ‘Medical Supplements’. Pelador also updates his mods a lot, so that would mean a lot of updating on your part, as well. 😀

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