Mechanoid Master Blaster (Continued)

MOD Desc
Update of Trunkens mod


Non-steam version:

— Original Description —
Adds a selection of full defense security buildings to the game:

<b><color=#01fc61>The Mechanoid Turret</color></b>

– Supererior Targeting
– Laser Pew Pew
– Slow reload
– Plated
– 1×1

– Technology ‘Mechanoid power systems’
(last dependency: ‘Multy Analyzer’)
– Metal: 150-300
– Plasteel: 150-300
– Uranium / Gold : 25-75
– Components: 4-8 / 1
– Mechanoid Power Cell (when installed)
– Power consumption: 500 W

Needs ~11 Researches from scratch Crash Landing

– [XND] Turret Extensions
– Mechanoid Power Source (Auto Balance)
– CE Ready (Xeno Hot Cell)
– Savegames

<i>Rips apart everything which comes close to your fortress.</i>

<b>Load order</b>
1 [XND] Turret Extensions
2. More Crashed Ship Parts
3. Mechanoid Power Source
4. Mechanoid Master Blaster

<color=#FFC300><b>Version 2.0</b></color>

**Update: Another One
**Update: And Another One
**Update: And Another One
**Update: New Upgrades
**Update: And Another One
**Update: And Another One

Preview + Details on SteamWorkshop

Assemblies DRF by * dninemfive
Sound effects * by wcoltd & robinhood
Brother in arms * Kikohi
German Translation * by Endgegner

I have had this game for over two years now and it finally just got released on steam. Here is what I can say:

Good: The charecter design allows greater resources to be poured into the game systems making them very complex.
Multiple levels of difficulty allow the player to decide if they want to play a ‘basebuilder’ game or go full blown survival mode.
Fairly smart AI strategies when raiding the player.
AI director keeps things ‘exciting’.
Allot of love and care went into the social sytems in the game. People have emotions, needs, dependencies, realistic relationships, backstories, and skills.
Fairly transparent feedback from the devolper. I am rarely dissapointed because expectations are always set correctly.
Bad: Sometimes the balance of this game can be brutal. Although the random elements have been cut down a bit, can get bad real fast.
Releases can take a long time (please refer to my transparency point above, it makes this less of an issue)
It was worth $30 then and it’s certainly worth it now.

Part colony management, part RTS, part RPG, Rimworld carves it’s own place in gaming as a unique experience quite unlike most other games. With difficulty setting ranging from a walk in the park to OH GOD PLEASE STOP HITTING ME, and those difficulty setting extending deep into the game’s mechanics rather than just ‘Enemy units do more damage and have more hp’, Rimworld delivers a satisfying experience for all moods.

Perhaps just as impressive, Rimworld boasts a massive and active workshop with hundreds of mods. It’s not unusual to see people with 200+ mods on a modlist. Take your already impressive base experience and add cults and eldritch abominations, total overhaul to Star wars universe including Jedi, Sith, Twi’leks, Wookies and Ewoks, Magic, Convert it to medieval times, add nuclear power, change how your A.I. acts, change your interface. The list goes on. Truly a callback to the golden age of gaming and an experience that this writer hasn’t had since the days of Warcraft 3. Once you start modding, the game will never be the same.

Amazing experience.

Beware of Cats!

So I had a nice little town in the early game just taking it one day at a time when I got the event that gives a heard of tamed animals. So when 10-ish cats arrived I was happy to accommodate, thinking I could sell them to a trader for a pile of money. So I welcomed the cats and forbid them from my meat freezer and waited. While they got up to all sorts of shenanigans like picking fights with the wildlife, something nefarious was happening. As you may or may not know about this game, the challenges thrown at your colony ramps up with the increased ‘wealth’ of the colony. While I knew cats were valuable, I forgot to keep in mind that the challenge would rise. So what should arrive the next day but a bunch of mercenaries armed to the teeth with shotguns, incendiary launchers, sniper rifles, and artillery. All of this was a bit much for my tribe that aside from their spears and bows had two crappy pistols between them.

Amazing game, but if 10 cats show up at your door, make sure to avoid cat inflation and slaughter those bastards.

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