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Pawns are… More Than Capable! Colonists will do work even if they hate it… with consequences.

This is a fork from Pawns are Capable by Rainbeau Flambe.


Tired of pawns who refuse to do certain types of work, even when their own lives and the survival of the colony depend on it? This mod changes the way in which the game handles ‘incapabilities.’ On the pawns’ character tabs, you’ll see that the ‘Incapable of’ list has been replaced with a list of ‘Hated work types.’ These types of work are marked in amber on the work tab, and aren’t assigned by default. But they can be assigned if necessary, as any pawn can be assigned to any type of work. Be aware, though, that if you assign a pawn to do hated work, there’s a mood penalty (and eventually movement and even manipulation penalties) that will only grow worse the longer the assignment lasts. This mod is intended to allow you to assign pawns to work they hate in emergency situations. It is *not* intended to allow such assignments to be made on a long-term basis.

Note 1: Since ‘violent acts’ aren’t a specific work type, pawns who abhor violence are capable of violent acts — combat, etc. — if and only if they’re carrying a weapon. But so long as they’re armed, they will suffer mood debuffs just as if they were assigned to a work type they hate.

Note 2: As there are easy ways to ‘get around’ restrictions on tasks like hauling, anyway, ‘incapable of dumb labor’ is treated a bit differently than other incapabilities. Pawns who hate dumb labor are simply given an extra trait that reduces their carrying capacity and their unskilled labor work speed. They won’t be assigned to hauling or cleaning by default, but can be assigned to those tasks indefinitely with only a minor mood penalty, which doesn’t get worse over time. For similar reasons, pawns who hate plant work or skilled labor can still be assigned to plant cutting with only a minor static mood penalty.

– Rainbeau Flambe (dburgdorf)

It just works! Multiplayer ready and flexible. You can add your own limits for your modded workType with just xml. There is a whitelist for weapons in the xml config as well for you modpack makers.

Note 3: Conceptually the mod works the same as its predecessor, this is a different implementation and some things are different from the original mod.

Note 4: Anger builds up, the longer a pawn is assigned or forced to do something they don’t want, the more anger they get. If you stop bothering them, their anger will decay and eventally disappear. If you keep forcing them they’ll reach a point where they explode and submit to your requests… if you or they survived, they’ll just be lazy for a while but not so angry. Until they get fed up from you again.

Note 5: If you force a pawn to do a job, it will incurr in a penalty, the more you force them, the more they’ll anger. There are checks in place to prevent you from gaming the system so be careful of abusing your newly found powers.

– Notfood



‘More Than Capable’ can safely be added to a game in progress. If you remove it you will get red errors, you can save and reload to make them disappear.

Multiplayer ready.



– RimRue, original idea
– Rainbeau Flambe (dburgdorf), first implementation
– Brrainz, Harmony






Encourage me to keep modding []

So I don’t know why, but I added this mod and the game crashed during its startup. The game didn’t even generate an error log (the last one I have is from 2019). I just saw a Unity program of some sort (I think it’s the Crash Handler Rimworld uses) appear and then the game crashed. This isn’t the only other mod I’ve had this happen with. It happened with Better Loading as well, but I thought it may just have been something about that mod, but now that it’s happened with yours. I’m curious as to what may be going on here. I also had to go into the ModConfig file for Rimworld in both instances and manually remove both mods from the list when this happened, otherwise Rimworld would continue to just crash during startup.

For some reason, if I manually order my pawn who hates cooking to prioritize butchering, they don’t get a mood debuff. Also, my violence-averse pawns are not getting a debuff for carrying a weapon.As a side note, I don’t think them carrying a weapon should give mood debuffs in the first place, because some modded weapons act as tools. (Fire Extinguisher, Scalpel, Wrench ect.) Furthermore, the whole point of emergency weapons is, well, emergencies. I don’t want someone to get caught unarmed against manhunters far outside my weapon stockpile. I think it would make more sense if violence-averse pawns would get an accuracy penalty for all weapons, and a long-lasting mood debuff if they kill a humanlike.

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