Reliable Ushanka

MOD Desc
This mod adds some clothes.
Outlanders from the north love to wear such clothes.

P.S. This is my first mod in the game Rimworld. I made clothes for myself and a friend and decided to lay out for everyone. Maybe someone will like it.

In the future I can add more clothes to this mod.

Reliable sport suit – can only be done on an electric tailoring bench. Material – cloth

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Have fun!


A fun sandbox RTS game that is mared by two problems, both easily fixed.

FIrstly are common sense design flaws are littered throughout the game, but are easily countered by something from the mod community. For example, cooking. Given an unlimited supply of near by food, a top notch chef can still barely managed to cook meals for 5-8 people a day. A mod adds the ability to cook 10, 20, or 50 meals. In addition to little commen sense slights like that, the games tooltip writer is severely lacking in a command of the english language (such as using the term ‘permanent summer’ to indicate year round growing season for crops, but spring/summer/fall/winter events and temptaure changes all still apply). Overall, easily enough to overcome after a palmslap/mod or two.

The second great disadvantage is the community. No suprise there, since a angry, barely literate cult following seems to be the norm for early access games on steam. Ask a question after due dilligence (search those forums!) and you’re likely to get everything but the answer. One post asking a simple question devolved into bickering for 50+ posts on a personal level that had nothing to do with the question of the OP or any possible answers.

Neither of these should be hurdles preventing an enjoyable gaming experience. A good 30 hours into a single location really starts to open up interesting options for your settlement. I recommend the game.

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