[RWY]Dragon’s Decent: Void Dwellers

MOD Desc
An extension/addon mod for Dragon’s Descent. It adds 8 new celestial/space dwelling dragons that have come to visit(and probably eat) your local rimworld!

These dragons behave the same way as dragons form Dragon’s Descent: able to use ranged spit attacks, crossbreed etc. as long as you can feed them.

It also has some other dragon related items/decorations such as dragon sculptures for that dragon worship.

Plans for future:
-Make dragons capable of surviving and appearing in vacuum of space for SoS2.
-Add moar dragons!
-Bunch of dragon themed decorations.
-Weapons/armor and other items made from dragon materials.


Q: CE compatible?
A: Nope

Q: Safe to add midsave?
A: Yes

1.0 – initial release
1.1 – changed artifacts to have new effects, statues are now semi-rotatable(allows mirroring) and sculptures now provide artistic meditation focus if playing with Royalty

This game is an addiction. Stories began and told and such a level of personal investment. You start to engage with your pawns you can have people who have been with you day one be gone just like that. You bond with your pets. You start to value their safety. Then you discover organ harvesting and drug trade. You discover ways to torment your prisoners. You capture the raiders who set you back or killed a pawn or a pet… you realize humans can live a while longer without both kidneys.. with out arms or legs. You sell flake and smokeless. You sell body parts. You are building guns. Building statues out of gold. Buying slaves to work the fields and guards to shoot those who don’t like it. Your mind is twisted in the game. But you don’t stop. Eventually you build a ship and leave that world. A shattered drug addled mess. Only to do it all over again but this time with mods.

10 out of 10. Let’s me run a drug empire, a prison organ harvesting empire, weapons manufacturing empire, all at once if you choose. Great mods that add thousands of new things to do. DLC adds to the depth and fun. Also increases your value in your pawns who are strong.

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