[RWY]SRTS Expanded: The Crimson Fleet

MOD Desc
An extension to SRTS Expanded that adds 6 new ships.

The Crimson Fleet are long forgotten military ships of one of the most powerful military forces and were used in countless wars. Since the destruction of Capital ship ‘Harbinger’ and 90% of entire forces the remaining fleet disbanded.

These ships now can be found scattered all across the galaxy, waiting for new pilots. And new wars.

Chinese Translation:


Q: CE compatible?
A: Nope

Q: Works with SoS2(Can be used as shuttles)?
A: Yes.

Q: Can it be added midsave?
A: Yes.

  • made a Chinese translation mod for this mod(just a language pack without main mods)and uploaded it to steamworkshop.Like the mod I made for [RWY]Advanced Mechanoid Warfare,if I can’t get your authorization or you can add my translation to your mod,please leave a message in this web and I will delete my translation mod. https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2139508265
  • So, apologies if the answer is obvious, but is it ‘doesn’t work with SoS2’ in the same sense as SRTS Expanded is, or is it ‘doesn’t work with SoS2’ in the sense of ‘you *cannot* use these two mods together’? I don’t understand Rimworld modding very well, I just got the game on sale, though I’ve tried it vanilla with a friend before.
  • I’m loving this mod and its designs, and one thing I’d like to suggest is adding a separate balance patch to split the research for the bombers and cargo planes like the srts base mod. It’s because I’m just rushing these every single game and ignoring srts things until I have everything else researched
  • Not yet. That may be in the future of SRTS Expanded, but with how things are looking I’m not 100% on that. We are moving to the Vehicle framework once Phil gets that out and tested properly.Ravvy, I’ll help you when that time comes.

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