Stockpile Ranking

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‘ ‘Makes stockpiles better’ ‘ – Mehni

Stockpiles prefer certain items, but if none are available, allows others.

Set multiple ranked filters for stockpiles, to prefer some items over others. Only the highest ranked items will be put in the stockpile, but if you don’t have those available, lower ranks will be allowed.

This enables a zone to allow only Lavish Meals, but when they are not available, other meals are still allowed.

Same with kibble > hay > veggies.

(There are probably other applications than food ranking.)

Lower-ranked filters have to include everything that higher ranked filters do. So when you try to disable an item in the filter and nothing happens, it’s probably because a higher rank allows that item.

There’s a toggle that makes sure to replace lower-ranked items with higher-ranked items when they become available. It is worse for performance though.

The tiniest technical detail: this also fixes a bug where, after loading, changing a storage filter wouldn’t update the hauling system, (and changing the HP/quality wouldn’t ever update)

Yea it’s incompatible with Extended Storage, but I don’t use that. Anyone can look at the source and find out how to fix that, or you gotta wait for my generosity to make something that I’ll never use work.

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  • What?? I clearly said it has gameplay implications. Like [quote]simply visiting the Stockpile tab of the dump zone resets the selected ranking for the kitchen zone to 1, starting stuff to be removed from the latter [/quote]. This makes it so everytime you visit ANY stockpile zone’s settings, you have to adjust back EVERY other stockpile zones’ settings back to the proper values!
  • I use Rimworld Search Agency, which adds a search bar and has a slider which adds a check for item stacks dropping below a certain percentage before pawns are allowed to haul to there (aka ‘hauling hysteria’), but modifying stack sizes as a whole requires other mods(my fav: ogre stack). As far as I know, limiting item stack max size based on containers is not done by any mods.
  • This mod has an issue where if you go to stockpile settings of a storage zone, the ranking level chosen there affects ALL rankings of ALL other zones as well. For example, if I have a regular dump zone for junk w/o any rankings assigned, and a second zone near my kitchen for raw cooking ingredients with 3 different rankings for that zone, simply visiting the Stockpile tab of the dump zone resets the selected ranking for the kitchen zone to 1, starting stuff to be removed from the latter. On the other hand, were the dump zone to have more than one ranking level assigned, it would be propagated rather than always level 1.
  • That would be a rather more complex system to choose to use closer storage rather than preferred storage that is farther away, just because it’s closer. What exactly is the criteria to prefer closer? When do you then decide to move from lower to higher?Something close enough is already possible: I have meals drop on the ground, and that’s fine. There’s an option to take them to a specific stockpile too (maybe with Better Workbenches mod)
  • Honestly, the easiest way I feel is how Dwarf Fortress did it.Where you could tell workshops what stockpile to pull materials from, or send them to afterwards.And stockpiles could have a ‘feeds this other one’ with the allowed items.So the cook dumps the meals in the assigned stockpile, and someone else comes move them to the one that pile feeds later.Made workflow way better imo.
  • I don’t know how can I make it any clearer. If I make two zones, one set to accept only X at rank 1, X and Y at rank 2, and X, Y and Z at rank 3, and another that has, say, 2 ranking levels and accept whatever, if I go to the Stockpile tab of the 2d zone, even if ultimately I don’t change anything there, just take a look at it, then the current ranking level of the 1st zone becomes also 2, making Z illegible to be stored there, and pawns will start to clear the zone from it even if there are no higher ranked items (X and Y) to be hauled. Now scale this with the numbers of stockpile zones in you map, and you’ve got a problem. Big problem. Because you need to correct the stockpile settings of EACH zone manually otherwise all logistics go to shit. So, the selected rank DOES affect gameplay. All you need to do make the whatever variable holds the ranking level local, so changes in one zone won’t affect other stockpile zones. Please, fix it.

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