Tactical Charged Gear (Continued)

MOD Desc
Update of peladors mod


Non-steam version:

— Original Description —

Adds additional computerised charged weaponry, armour and turrets known as Tactical Charged (TC) Gear. This is envisaged as late game use as Spacer to Ultra tech level equipment.

Includes a dedicated workbench for crafting the items and a computer chip construction table supported by a new toolbox. The chip production table provides for the needed components that make TC Gear possible and also for their improvement.

Also includes an internal tier system for most of the weaponry where additional chips can be added to the items to slightly improve their performance in a characteristic manner.


Control Chip: Base ingredient in almost all TC Gear to provide their capability.

Aim Chip: Aiming enhancement chip for ranged weapons. (+2% to +4% dependant on zone)
Boost Chip: Operation speed enhancement chip for ranged weapons. (Slight improvements to aiming delay and cooldown).

Power Chip: Overclocking enhancement chip for melee weapons. (Slight improvements to damage and cooldown).

Specialisation Chips

Reflex Chip: Tunes aiming characteristics for short range.
Hunter Chip: Tunes aiming characteristics for long range.

Heatsink Chip: Provides greater heating control with the weapon. Better ‘cooldown’ characteristics.

Dodge Chip: Provides an extra 10% dodge chance in melee.

(Provided a chart above detailing the characteristics of the various chips).


TC Gear has an dedicated computerised capability that enhances the items. This with regard to their general operation and utilisation of their power, as well as the use of optics that provide additional tactical information and gyroscopic assistance to help with their handling.

Weaponry: (Base statistics table image provided above for ranged weapons).

Ranged Arms: Pistol, SMG, Shotgun, Rifle and Sniper Rifle.
Ranged Support: Grenade Launcher (GL).
Ranged Cannons: Blaster and Tactical Particle Cannon (TPC).

Melee: Knife, Sword, Spear and Mace.
Grenades: EMP, Flashbang, Fragmentation, Incendiary and Smoke. (+ GL versions).
Orbital beam grenade. (TC Version)
Orbital bombardment grenade. (TC Version)

Power Armour:

Offering slightly less protection than standard power armoured gear but with improvements (reductions) to their movement penalties and weight. Also includes some additional properties for operation in hostile environments and slightly enhances melee weapon use.

Marine Power Armour
Marine Power Helmet


Mini Turret. (An enhanced version of the standard mini-turret).
EMP Mini Turret (Fires EMP bursts at Mechanoids).
Mortar. (Improves on aiming and operation speed).
Grenade Mortar.
Shells: EMP, Flashbang, Fragmentation/HE, Incendiary and Smoke. (Enhanced Vanilla).
IEDs: EMP, Flashbang, Fragmentation/HE, Incendiary and Smoke.
Grenade Mortar magazines: EMP, Flashbang, Fragmentation, Incendiary and Smoke.

Additional Mod Notes

I have been using TC Gear for a while as it has been developed so am fairly confident with the functional testing and partial balancing of the tech as a late game introduction. I haven’t of course been able to cover extensively all environments and scenarios with usage, so am fairly mutable with the idea of ‘fine-tuning’ the items to find the ‘best balance’ for the items in their given tech setting (whilst considering difficulties). I would like to provide items that are considered as an assistance to the player as a late game item but not simply too OP that it removes the challenge and enjoyment from the game in the process. With this in mind I have provided a specific discussion topic for this purpose.

The toolbox is only a ‘one’ tile item that can also be used as a shelf (storage) and has been additionally made capable for use with relevant vanilla benches and other mod benches that also attach the vanilla toolbox as a facility.

Not all details have been or will be provided for the items as firstly there is too much to sensibly add and secondly, part of the fun of playing with new tech items is to discover their capabilities. I have simply provided sufficient information here for players to have a good general overview of what TC Gear provides.

This mod has a ‘slottable’ chip enhancement process for the weapons using ‘JecsTools’ as a required base mod. This needs to be loaded after the core mod elements and before this mod itself in the mod ordering. Note the slottable chips have an intentional stack size of one due to limitations in how ‘JecsTools’ take these items from stacks when slotting the items.

Research techs after Charged Shot (own tab).

Added in V1.1: The mod has an option to vary the amount of research by a percentage of the default values and also includes an option to control whether turrets will consume fuel (i.e. barrel replacement).

Existing save game compatible and designed with compatibility with other mods in mind.

Need to remove workbenches, turrets and all related items if you wish to remove the mod. You may also receive some error messages due to the Jecstools elements with the removal of items but these will not effect game-play and should subside with additional overwriting of saved game information.

Compatibility Notes

Ammunition – sets default ammo type to battery for all relevant weaponry
Rimatomics – Adds radiation resistivity to power armour.
Ground Turret Mod – Adds native support if this mod is loaded.
JetPack – includes TC enabled jet packs for use. When combined with Medical Supplements this further enchances the packs to use Hydrogen Peroxide as an improved fuel.
Multiplayer – native support (beta). [Dependant on JecTools compatibility]VFE – Production Additional compatibility with toolbox.


Adeptus Mechanicus – Armoury R1.1 – Uses its own custom version of JecsTools CompSlotloadable.

Future Considerations

1) Enemy spacer faction. (If introduced it will be as an expansion mod).

2) CE Compatibility. (Requires CE to confirm or ensure compatibility with JecTools (slottable comp), outstanding).


Graphics Revision – Oleg Marko

(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

I cannot recommend this game enough. It is definitely my all time favorite game. This game really challenges you and makes you care about what happens due to the problems your colony and its inhabitants go through. If you don’t already know, this game is a colony management game set in a time where human civilization has spread throughout space, with some planets being stuck in medieval or tribal eras, while others are in a ‘Glitterworld’ status, which is told to be modern and rich. You take control of colonist(s) who will be randomized (unless you have mods that change that), and you and these colonist(s) will be sent to what’s called a Rimworld, or a planet that is capable of preserving life, but is chaotic and uncivilized. Your goal is to research, build a spaceship, and attempt to escape, while also surviving what the game and planet throws at you. Your colonists can go insane, pirates can raid your colony and kidnap your people, enemies can siege and bomb your base, robots can crashland near your home and poison or enrage the fauna and flora, or you could encounter a tornado! The fun in the game is overcoming these obstacles and advancing through both necessary and unnecessary methods, whether you decide to farm food and/or drugs, recruit and/or harvest and sell organs from prisoners, or use animals as livestock or as meat-shields and/or suicide bombers (Boomalopes & Boomrats), is up to you. If you are looking for a multiplayer game, there are multiplayer mods that also support other mods (if you plan on using mods)! Of course, if you don’t like management games you may not enjoy certain aspects of the game, but it is worth a try if it goes on sale!

I first stepped into Rimworld after friends continued to speak about it relentlessly in my discord. Finally I decided to go ahead and buy the game. Initially the art style felt too simplistic and unappealing, however, that very quickly changed and I begun to find it very charming. As I began my first colony, i was so quickly enamored by this game. I would watch my colony expand, defend themselves from raiders and nature its self. Colonies would collapse and Id have to start over again and it didn’t hurt at all. Every new colony was exciting, it was a new story unfolding in front of me. I can remember the exact moment that I fell completely and unshakably in love with this game. I was still very new and I hadn’t prepared properly for the winter, they didnt have food stockpiled and the animals have migrated away from the cold. My colony was becoming malnourished to the point where they were bedridden and couldent move anymore, except one. That one colonist left, without my direction, dug up recently killed raiders and force fed their corpses to my bed-ridden colonists to save them from starving to death.
Your colony will fight their damnedest and resort to anything to survive. That’s what Rimworld is, anything to survive. The most moral of person will find themselves delving into war-crimes and horrors just to make it. When low on money I would find myself harvesting organs of prisoners, selling them, selling cocaine, etc.

Honestly, I heavily recommend this to most people, i’ve recommended it multiple times to all my friends. I don’t leave alot of reviews but Rimworld deserves it.

You’ll be doing yourself a heavy favor by playing this

Very simple, One of the best stragety, survival base-building games out there. Worth every penny.

– More Details:
I’ve been playing this game for a while now, even before the (Steam) release.
And the impressions on this game were outstanding. There’s so much you can do, manage and think or act fast for the safety of your colony, in this case it depends on the type storyteller you choose from/game-mode.

The game offers three types of storytellers, each with a different perspective. Either you are a hardcore player or peaceful/dislike challenges.
The game also offers four in-game seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Biomes may vary on them.

A variety of biomes are offer to play on. Each one of them provides with differents kind of wild life as well temperature and natural resource to use at your advantage.

Each colonist have their own traits, likes, dislikes, relationships, friendships, opinions, gay, straigh, lessbian, cold blooded, nudist, night owls etc… you name it. Each, trait will have an impact against others as in real life of course. However, those personalities will affect and cause rage and fights and even lead to serious injuries If not dealt with as best as possible for the good of your colonists/happiness.

– Research and Craft:
Research is very important to craft great gear, weapons and many useful utilities to enforce your colony and their survival.

————————————–TO BE UNCONTINUED————————————-

There is more than you can think of…

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