Combat Extended Guns Retextured

MOD Desc
Improves all combat extended weapons by giving them a more defined aesthetic. Every weapon has been redrawn and redesigned in a similar fashion to my Vanilla Weapons Retextured mod, the pictures are done in high resolution so they work perfectly with zoom mods like Camera+

– AK12
– AK47
– AKS74U
– ChargeLMG
– ChargeSniper
– KrissVector
– M60
– M72
– MilkorMGL
– P7
– Tac50
– TaurusJudge
– USAS12

I’ll update some textures with time as my skill progresses

-21/04/2019: Updated SKS, PTRS and FNFAL textures

This mod has to be loaded after CE: Guns and Combat Extended and need both mods to work properly.

If you want to use these textures in your mod, please ask first and credit me in the description of your mod.

Special thanks to:
Razz : Guidance with weapon designs and feedback
Rimworld Discord Server
Shotgunfrenzy : Graphics mentor and guidance

Play through without mods, max it out and get bored of the game. Once you have it all figured out, max it out without mods a second time on a slightly harder difficulty.

Then add 10-15 mods, and try it again. The 10-15 mods play through will be like the game received a massive update. PS: First Mod to install is –> Mod Manager –> Somebody put in a hell of a lot of work to make modding your game easy- use this tool. It is a total game changer for modding.

Then play it with 30 mods. Again, it’ll seem like another massive update.

Now I’m playing with about 60 mods, and the world looks rainbowish, there are dinosaurs, greek mythological creatures, dragons, 100+ non-extinct animals, over 50 plants and trees, endless new production tables and capabilities, over 1,000,000 weapons in the game thanks to a borderlands gun generator mod called infused *makes it so no 2 infused guns are exactly alike, basically* and you can add children, hygiene, wild animal sex, automated mortars, etcetera etcetera.

It’s nuts, I did not think this game would keep me more interested than CIV5 did but here we are, going well beyond the 300ish hours I put into civ.

Four points that make this game wonderful:
Amazing replayability. You can expect different outcomes in every new gameplay, even those outcomes may not be pleasant, like being slaughtered by mad muffalos.
Capability of modding. There are loads of mods provided in Steam Workshop that you can try, making your gameplay more adventurous. Even you can mod the game by yourself so that all of your colonists won’t get mood debuff whenever prisoners being slaughtered or harvested their organs (I am not a psycho, that’s just coding experiment).
Even being one year since the first Steam alpha release, RimWorld is really stable that runs smoothly. You won’t get that from DayZ (yeah, I’m waiting for that game to be stable so that I can buy that)
This game is both a time-travelling machine and cocaine. I can time travel from 3 pm to 4am whenever I play this game without any food. Also, you can be addicted to the game without getting caught by real cops!
10/10 would waste all of my time again

In all seriousness, buy this game! That ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ tag on User reviews is indisputable.

Rating: 8.0/10 (sorry, gotta go hard with ratings)

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