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MOD Desc
Original Mod by Kilroy232
I (Youhaveavirus) am not the original author of this mod. The original author is Kilroy232.This mod will be removed as soon as the original mod is updated or the original author wants me to remove it. I don’t plan to add content to this mod. This is only an update to 1.1 | 1.2.

This was tested only with Harmony enabled without any other Mod, so let me know if you get errors, but it should work fine.

Description Adds new security turrets to RimWorld as well has a host of new research choices needed to construct the turrets. New textures are added and each turret has its own attributes. These turrets are meant to fight off the larger groups of raiders that appear later in the game and as such the research projects do take more time to finish. This mod focuses on sticking closely to the vanilla games appearance and feel and as such these turrets are balanced to fit to the vanilla game.

New Lazer Turret has been added to the mod and I am looking for opinions on balance. A big thanks to mrofa
from the ludeon forums for the code and art work that has gone into the lazer turret and to the other turrets as well, this mod would not be the same without his amazing work!

This mods adds four new turrets:
1. Improved Turret
2. Sniper Turret
3. ‘Lazer’ Turret
4. Heavy Turret
5. Energy Turret

Each turret has a corresponding research project necessary and custom textures.

1. Improved Turret
This turret is as the name suggests, an improved version if the improvised turret. The turret fires in bursts of four with reduced cooldown time and increased health.

2. M-24 Sniper Turret
This turret is an improvised turret that has been fitted with an M-24 sniper rifle. A single high powered round is fired before cooldown, but the range and accuracy of the turret make up for the slow rate of fire, sometimes less is more.

3.Lazer Turret
A complex assembly of lenses and electronics, this turret focuses a beam of high energy light at the enemy to deal damage with perfect accuracy but with pauses between charges.

4. Heavy Turret
This monster is the improved turret on steroids. Sporting two barrels and a bad attitude this turret fires 12 shots before the cooldown and does large amounts of damage. If casualties are not an issue then this machine is for you.

Was already excluded by the old 1.0 Version, quote: ‘Removed because the game now has an adequate heavy turret in vanilla’.

5. Energy Turret
This is the tip top of the charts. This turret has it all, high rate of fire, high damage and high max health. Instead of using conventional projectiles this turret is able to convert electricity into an almost pure form of energy.

Link to the Mods page on the Ludeon Forums https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=6770.0

Changelog 12.August.2020
– Updated to Rimworld Version 1.2

– Enabled the option to rotate the turrets.

– Removed the sandbags from the mod, no clue why the original dev added them as a whole node with the same defName instead of using a patch function. This should turn the cost from steel back to cloth and fix the raider issues someone had.

– Fixed the missing graphics for the improved- and sniper turret.
– Removed redundant inherited parts which are in the ‘BaseWeaponTurret’ now.
– Changed Item Category from Misc to Security for Stockpile Zones.
– Added an improved turret icon and turned the graphics for the turrets 90° clockwise.

-Removed the 0Harmony Assemblie and added a Reference to the LaserBeam Assemblie instead.
Please use the Harmony Mod in the Workshop with this mod, there is also a statement why this is necessary.

-Renamed ‘BaseHumanGun’ Parent Reference to ‘BaseWeaponTurret’, because of Rimworld 1.1 Name changes.
-Removed old unecessary ‘turretTopGraphicPath’ Node, which throwed Errors.

– LaserBeam Assemblie Change, this was necessary because of the recent Rimworld 1.1 Update:
+ Added the UniteEngine.CoreModule as a Reference.
+ Added the 0Harmony as a Reference.
+ Updated Targeted Framework from 3.5 to ‘ .net Framework 4.7.2’

I’m updating this review after many many more hours of playtime. This game is absolutely fenomanal and I mean that 100%. If you don’t have this game, you should get it right away! My friends had been telling me to buy it for ages and I didn’t, now I regret it. I could’ve been loving tihs game for way longer if i’d just listened.

things that I wish I knew when I started:

1) Equip your settlers with the weapons dropped.
2) Build a small base first and expand later, you need shelter
3) Make a farm, it’s an (almost) reliable food supply
4) Make a wind turbine with the scrap that drops immediately
5) Make a research bench ASAP.
6) Keep up to date with your colonists needs and condition

If you do all that yous should be good to figure the rest out yourself and enjoy this amazing game like the rest of the fans have. I hope to see you crash-landing soon!

Insansely addictive, if you’re a fan of colony building, settlement defence, with a social link system build in then this game is for you. Out of almost 200 steam games I own, this is the one I always come back to and always have a fun time with. The scenarios that you could come with are endless, the game is so unpredicatable. One of the best things about this game is that you can set the level of randomness, if you just want to enjoy and base build with very little threat there is an option for that. If you want constant randomness there’s an option for that as well.

It also has a very active modding community and game is updated regularly with new content. I hate sci-fi games but I love this game this one, that can tell you something. Buy it now, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have this game if you’re fan of this genre. Other games of this genre won’t even compare once you play this one.

I’m not normally one to use mods in games as i like to play how the developer intended, but after about 30 hours in i noticed that there wasn’t as much content in the game as i had originally thought.
I ended up downloading about 20 different mods that added subtle extras (more crops, rename animals, mend apparel etc) and from then, i couldn’t get enough.
After losing my first colony to a heatwave, my second to ancient aliens, my third to a pack of rabbid hares and my fourth to a colonist going on a fire starting spree and lighting a container of chemfuel, i finally managed to get my s*** together and eventually finish the game.
I highly reccomend this to anyone who loves micromanagement to a point where it can become slightly overwhelming when you get more than a handful of colonists.
This will definitely be one of those games i revist time and time again.
5 rubber chickens.

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