Rebalanced Charge Weapons (Vanilla Weapons Expanded)

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This Mod is redundant. All changes have been included in Vanilla Weapons Expanded.
Vanilla Weapons Expanded

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Steam keeps asking me this ridiculous question: ‘You’ve been playing for 1000+ hours. Would you recommend this game to others?’ and I keep thinking: ‘Do I have to? Isn’t it obvious…?’ and feel like saying ‘No’ for a joke.
But since that isn’t fair, I decided to just review it and get it over with.
Rimworld is an awesome game! There, I said it…

It is a colony management / storytelling simulator that gives you soooo many options to choose your own playstyle, to get out of this game what you want from it, it is like having multiple games in one. And even more with mods.

It may be daunting at first (as it was for me) to get the hang of things, since some things are more complicated than they first seem (e.g. skills don’t all correlate to jobs), but soon enough you will get the basics down.
For most things there is not 1 best option, every good thing has a downside (e.g. guns with more damage have shorter range, or somewhat better weapons require more research), but this gives you the option to play the way you want to play, instead of every base and every game ending up looking exactly the same.
And as soon as you start with mods, it gets even more insane, and a lot of the times a lot more cheaty. Adding mods made me realize how well balanced the basegame actually is. But sometimes it’s fun to feel overpowered and have all the money in the world!

So I definitely recommend this game, at full price, including the dlc, if you think it is your cup of tea. It may not be for everyone, but it certainly was for me.

Most played game on steam with 1200+ hours. 1.0 just released and I am making excuses to make new gamesaves for the mods that keep getting updated. Most of my colonies have gotten into the colonist populations of high 20s before losing interest and I have not even come close to reaching the ship (beating the game). There has been countless times where I have played 6+hrs without extended breaks like sleep or work. This game was the only one I played for probably about 3 months or longer.

It’s hard to remember what it was like when I first gotten it, back in B14 or B16, I saw a streamer play it (TheHunterWild) and he was such into storytelling that he gave the characters so much life that I wanted to have that in my own game. Eventhough it was different than watching a stream, playing the characters and making their base, they still create their own stories and their battles are unique everytime. Like most people, I don’t like unhappy endings or giving people bad news. So at some point, the colony starts suffering, or the amount of work needed to sustain the lives of the base overwhelms me to a point that it becomes work and not fun, I usually save and come back. That gets old after a while loading in to a slowly dying base that is so big that it is impossible to move everyone without casualties.

To anyone that is on the fence about buying this game, go watch a live streamer play it. They will say it’s fun of course and give you reasons why it is fun, but if you watch them long enough, you will know if they are having fun or not.

Rimworld fascinates me, which is why I keep coming back to it. The ultimate sci-fi sandbox, where anything can happen. Let me tell you the stories of my colonists.

The Akame Survivors died after drop-podding themselves into the arctic circle to board a derelict spaceship, only to miscalculate the fuel requirements and die on the sea ice.

Moose Command set up a secure compound in the mountains, fighting snow, darkness, insects and mechs. They starved to death whilst under end-game siege from mechs.

Bleach’s Crew were trampled to death by a Zebra herd.

Laughing Coffin were butchered in their mountain lair by a rival murder gang, who used grenades, rottweilers and a mother-ing bear to smoke them out.

Black Snakes endured horses endlessly copulating in their dining room, before a ravenous insect hive devoured everyone, granting release.

Hellstriders fought Zombies in the Jungle, led by a ruthless cyborg and her lover, a mini-gun medic with a bionic dick. Predators kept eating colonists, but it proved a favourite tourism spot for the nobility.

The Guilty Sparks fought the odds to set-up a geo-thermal colony on the Ice Sheet. They were led by Blackjack – a crazy bearded devil with twin power-claws for hands – and Box, a beautiful genius who hunted Walrus and fleeing prisoners in her spare time with an anti-material rifle.

Rimworld is what you make it. Every colony is a story of hope, dreams and even love… being crushed by a hostile environment and a cruel story-teller Gods.

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