Orassans B18

MOD Desc
Pronounced (O-ras-san) or (O-ras-sins)
Spelt: Orassan
Plural: Orassans
Adjective: Orassan
Example of Orassan Anatomy[twokinds.deviantart.com]

Adds a space cat faction. They like the cold. They hail from a planet that could be described as an arctic nightmare to humans, but it is nice and cozy to the cold-loving cat people. After developing artificial wormhole generation, they have decided to unite their home planet and expand their empire at an unprecedented speed. While generally friendly, they will not tolerate kidnapping their people and they may be upset due to you encroaching on their territory.

They are sworn enemies of the Ni’Hal Conglomerate

You can start as an Orassan Enclave by setting the colony type in the scenario editor.

Requires Humanoid Alien Framework
Note: Alien Framework for A18 can be found on the github Here[github.com]

Requires new game for the faction to spawn unless you have Faction Discovery by Orion.

B18 C# Updating thanks to ChJees

Update 1: Fixes to Ear alignment for side views, Orassans can start as a normal player colony, changes to Orassan weaponry recipes
Update 2: New firearm. New weapon sounds, courtesy of Xen
Update 3: Cat’s Eye berries added (analagous to coffee). Catnip and the new plant can only be grown by Orassans now.
Update 4: Orassan agrarian techniques have been added
Update 5: Various bugfixes.
Update 6: New textures and weapons, and added Neo-Concrete. You make Neo-Concrete at the stonecutting table with rock powder (made from stone chunks.)
Update 7: New Hazmat suit by Arnolidos and new weapon textures by Shotgun Frenzy
Update 8: New melee weapon and a type of power generator. The generator must be made on top of a Betharian stone deposit, which can only be detected by a drill after building a ground penetrating scanner.
Update 9: Ear offset finally fixed. Balance changes.
Update 10: Added a light alternative to the exoskeleton armor. Texture by Arnolidos
Update 11: Added production table, backstories, added new tails for gene warriors, and fixed minor bugs
Update 12: Added chance for Orassans to spawn as mercenaries/pirates (thanks to Callistans)

  • Can hit your structures and pawns, though, came up with that idea when a meteor struck my freezer, and it was just a rock one. Maybe a toggle on the shield would be possible, similar to ED Shields able to toggle whether droppods just crashland or correctly land in their area. A mod dedicated to handling meteors would probably better, with shields protecting some areas, making meteors not fall there, and maybe meteor magnets, to either make meteors more likely to fall there, or even force a meteor to fall in it’s vicinity, to make some sort of meteor farm for materials.
  • Alright, so I’ve looked back in the comments and I realize the weird postition of the heads and ears in the menu go away after starting up the game and loading up the map. So that’s fixed but I have some criticisms with how they’ve been designed in .18. (This may also just be me and I might be suffering from some glitch that no one else has cuz my luck is literally so terrible). I know I’m just one picky person commmenting but hear me out. Because they are so small, anything lower than 1920 x1080 resolution and the Orassans are so blurry that I can’t even see their faces-
  • Thanks for this great mod 😀 It also has been very stable in contrast to some other AlienRace mods that I use for testing my mod although their average child count of 2-3 can be quite overwhelming in a normal playthrough, but I like the challenge it provides. (I also love how most AlienRace mods, including yours, had already configured their own values for this but there wasn’t really a mod that used them until mine :D)I was just reminiscing the old look they had in in earlier version, I slightly prefered it over the current look they have.
  • I don’t stay on that high a resolution too long because my computer will run slowly so if I even wanna see them I have to play at half the speed I could. Even in 1080p the fact that their heads have been moved just makes it look so weird compared to other colonists. This is just some constructive criticism and I’m just one person but I thought they looked good before the change. When they stand next to other races now they just look glitched because of their floating heads and small bodies. Also also :)I hope I’m not coming out as really rude. I’m just trying to give some feedback on the new designs(if there even is a new design. I might just have something terribly wrong with my game lol)
  • No ideaAnd a dyson sphere only produces 400 energy credits, despite capturing 100% of the star’s energy output. The basic powerplant that produces like 1 or two energy therefor produces 1/400th of the power of a star or 1/200th the power of a star. So no; trying to compare these numbers is erroneous.I will also mention that the powerplants take up a huge portion of the planet on a scale I can’t exactly emulate in game. 10k is also hardly worth the effort, since you could just plop down a power transfer instead, or just make a couple geothermals.

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