Peanuts (And Peanut Accessories)

MOD Desc
Peanuts are a versatile nut plant known world-round, soon to be Rimworld-round.

From being a roasted snack, to being made into oil, to the famous butter, there’s something to love for everybody.

What this mod includes:
Peanut Crop: Cultivate your own peanuts in growing zones.
Peanut: A seed plant with a shell.
Raw Peanut: The raw, edible nuts, having been shelled.
Roasted Peanut: A tastier version of a raw peanut.
Peanut Oil: A cooking ingredient made from processing crushed peanuts.
Peanut Butter: A delicious paste made from peanuts and oil, with a pinch of salt for taste.
PB&J Sandwich: A yummy, classic lunch.
SeedsPlease patch

Coming Soon: – More…

Recent Changes: – New PB&J Sandwiches!

– Immature Crop sprite

– Updated from [B18]:


Like what I’m doing and want to support further development? I do this for free, but support gives me more free time to work on these projects! Thanks, and enjoy!



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This game even though it is in early access is more polished then many games at release. So if you’re typically staying away from early access due to lack of content and polish then you might want to make an exception for this game.

As the game description says one could call it Dwarf Fortress with a pretty interface, but that would be selling this game short. While it shares many traits with dwarf fortress it also has many of it’s own special things. But in any case be prepared to lose several nights to this game by just ‘finishing this one thing’.

What is really refreshing is that this is doing survival right, it’s always a struggle, and not unlike many other survival games a walk in the park once you get over a certain hurdle. The storyteller will always find something new to throw at you to see if you can handle it.

This game is everything I wanted in a both as a child and now, the modding community is strong and the developer not only has made the game very module but even went out of his way to help and make life easier for the modding community. The developers ethics is something many others lack and this is one of the many reasons I have alot of love and respect for the game, last thing I wanted to mention is when it came to updates they really kept to them with new features major bug fixes a few mishaps here and there but were all quickly fixed, after following the development for years I’m really proud to of watched it grow into what it is now and despite sounding like I’m kissing its just actually nice to see a early access game turn into this unquie all time favourite.

Thanks for the adventure Tynan & The Ludeon Studio Team

Things that have happened to me:

Mech suits killed everyone

I made a fortress out of a mountain, radiation set in and I turned it into a self sustaining complex

A rabbit killed someone

I sent drop pods full of thousands of units of value near to my caravan, the supplies were lost

A pack of 30 tamed small dogs showed up, and they ate all my supplies and so we ate them as revenge

I needed to expand, so I built a furnace and dug up corpses from the cemetary and burnt them all

Someone got tired of mining my super fortress 2.0 and decided to burn down the supply shed while we were under siege from mortar fire

And this sums up my experience pretty well. I’ve got 80 hours but I haven’t scratched the surface of late game content yet. (also there’s a crazy number of mods.)

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