Powerful Faction Bases

MOD Desc
Proof-of-concept mod I made for fun, using the fact that attacking faction bases are not mandatory content of the game.

I was always disappointed at how easy it is to destroy NPC faction bases, since enemy does not properly scale to player’s strength unlike raids. Since I did not have sufficient modding knowledge to change this, I instead increased strength of enemies that defend vanilla NPC bases.

These sprawling bases are defended by numerous units stronger than the original, posing an optional end-game challenge that will take herculean efforts to overcome. Attacking these bases will be suicidal, because they are intended to be near impossible to beat – but perhaps some ambitious player could aim to destroy them, purely just for the satisfaction of taking down the behemoth…

Mod features: + This mod does not add any new additional overpowered items for enemies.
+ More enemy pawns defending their settlements.
+ Adds new powerful enemy variants for vanilla factions, which will only appear as defenders and therefore won’t affect raid difficulty.
+ Removed limitation on types of turrets that can be used by NPC settlement.
+ Can change size of NPC settlements from the mod settings.
+ Change the number of enemy settlements in single map via mod settings (default = 2). This affects enemy numbers so can be used to adjust difficulty.

Information: + This mod can be safely added or removed from existing save files, though just to be sure I wouldn’t do so while you’re attacking enemy settlement (retreat first if so).
+ I recommend changing the settlement number to 1 if you’re significantly increasing the settlement size on the mod settings.

Credits: Significant thanks to Mehni for providing me with the code that made mod settings functional!
Thanks to Proxyer for Japanese translation.

  • Hey, nice mod, i used Larger Faction Bases mod prior trying yours and i’m happy your bases have more enemies, but, can i get even more? Also where is an issue with the popular mod called Rimatomics, your code generates Rimatomic guns too allthough they are not working as singular units, they require reactors, pulsed batteries and weapon controls & radar, so simply they do not work on those bases your mod generates. Is it possible to limit turret types to simple ones from vanilla and more vanilla turrets?
  • Hello, author NilchEi.I apologize for the delay in updating the translation.I have updated a Japanese translation for v1.1 this mod. I uploaded to DropBox. Please download the file, so confirm and merge. Thank you.File name : 11_Powerful_Faction_Bases_JP.zipFile size : 2.50 KB (2,563 bytes)SHA256: 413E9579FFE397F612F7063F201EF15B81193B3BB115D6CAC22255A4DD441782CRC32 : 2DC738DDDropBox Download Link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ek5qtbva0mxu8e/11_Powerful_Faction_Bases_JP.zip
  • Kitten My mod doesn’t change base generation at all (except ability to change number of bases that spawn). I just populate the vanilla bases with many strong units to make attacking them much harder.I admit I have only minor knowledge of Misc. MapGen FactionBases, but to my knowledge what it does is to essentially ‘load’ the base designs (which also specifies enemy pawn placements) from unique user-made templates. So it works more like a Steam Workshop for faction map designs, if this explanation makes sense.
  • Cool, and actually I have a challenge going for a game (using mods to make high end power armors and such)its to kill all pirate bases on the WORLD, all of them.but they spawn so….weak, i thought it was going to be only a time killer challenge, but now……it will be a nightmare XD, but events (only things really worth going too on travel) are still ok/not overkilled makes me really really liking this mod.Basicly my challenge should be more enjoyable with this mod, but not kill event fun.Crap I use Misc. MapGen and such……to the discussions then.
  • Will use this new option with vanilla turrets, it just looks silly when enemy base used rimatomic energy weapons with no energy source 🙂 Thanks! BTW i’m playing second compaign of global extermination using your mod insted of larger faction bases i used before, your mod feels better due to better enemy numbers and their equipment and armor they use. Also i like that your bases are open design with no outer walls that i used for killboxing enemies rushing for your colonists once you bombard the base with mortars, so your bases are harder to deal with. Where are some tactics though one can use to still clear them easily 😉
  • Get this error with powerful faction bases and combat extended:Error while resolving symbol ‘mannedMortar’ with params=rect=(43,115,45,117), faction=Spirit Torturers, custom=null, ancientTempleEntranceHeight=null, pawnGroupMakerParams=null, pawnGroupKindDef=null, roofDef=null, noRoof=null, addRoomCenterToRootsToUnfog=null, singleThingToSpawn=null, singleThingDef=null, singleThingStuff=null, singleThingStackCount=null, skipSingleThingIfHasToWipeBuildingOrDoesntFit=null, spawnBridgeIfTerrainCantSupportThing=null, singlePawnToSpawn=null, singlePawnKindDef=null, disableSinglePawn=null, singlePawnLord=null, singlePawnSpawnCellExtraPredicate=null, singlePawnGenerationRequest=null, postThingSpawn=null, postThingGenerate=null, mechanoidsCount=null, hivesCount=null, disableHives=null, thingRot=1, wallStuff=null, chanceToSkipWallBlock=null, floorDef=null, chanceToSkipFloor=null,Is it patchable?

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