[RWY]Advanced Mechanoid Warfare

MOD Desc
In fiction, mechanoids of rimworld are bloodthirsty fear inducing war machines that cannot be rivaled by anything.
But in reality they are nothing more than steel and plasteel delivery system. The fact that Tynan nerfed assemblers because people were farming mechanoids proves the point.

As a result I decided to make my own mod that gives some much needed danger increase for mechanoids as well as greatly increase their weapon variety.

This mod adds a total of 21 new mechanoid with plenty of new weapons they can use to destroy colonies.
From small suicidal bombers to raptors that shoot lasers and mechanical dragons which spit plasma.
Hope you’re not too attached to your colonies because they are going to burn.

NOTE: These mechs are deadly by design. They can and will destroy the unprepared.


Q:Can this be added to a current save?

Q:Is it CE compatible?

Q:Does it support version 1.0?
A:No, its time to move on.

Q:Is it compatible with other mechanoid mods?

Q:Does it work with What The Hack?

1.0 – Initial release
1.1 – Small fixes, reduced armor of heavy mechs and greatly reduced heavy mech hp.

  • If you can survive this mod on randy random rough, tribal start, arid biome. I tip my hat to you.Lost 9 bases/saves in a row to these guys.Look forward to this being my new challange.Tings have been to easy to long for me to have any idea how to survive.The mechanoids have finaly found resolution in wipeing one rimworld at a time.everyone …everyone …Prepare your walls.Layer your turret.Build more artillery arrays.Recruit all who can wield a club.Carpet your fields and boundries with traps of death.For death draws near on this subscription…
  • hey ! lovely mod,i had tons of fun playing with it. however after a whil (at least 24 hours of total play time on the save) it started throwing wealthwatcher errors with dubs bad hygiene. i also signaled it to Dubwise. Your mod might not be the only culprit since i’m using it along a large (100+) modlist with big mods like what the hack, android tiers, and other ‘more mechanoids’ mods. I can send you my save and modlist if you need it, or even just the log. whatever you need. hope it’ll help you !
  • thats very odd, if a platform is free it should bring mechanoid to it to repair/recharge. My only real guess is that platform is claimed by another mechanoid(absent due to other activity) and there is no unclaimed platform to put new mechanoid in. But thats just my guess.can deal with all small and some medium mechs. For big mechs use emp to lock them in place and clear smaller mechs before youre overrun. Also try to kill humanoid mechs first, since they can murder just about anything rather quickly.
  • this goes well with more cannons because that whats needed to defeat this, I tested it need like 4-5 shot of 600mm howitzer to lay waste to it, it only need 1 shot from a naval gun though.or you could just strafe bomb it using other mods. using pawn you can use 4 men squad of anti tank guns and 1 decoy with very vast mount to gain aggro and kite them.however beware with randy he can spawn this into early colony which only have one option if you want to keep playing which is to abandon it and move on elsewhere, try to fight this early on will be the end of story.

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