Vanilla Fences (Fence Tab)

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Overhaul is out!

Subscribe to this instead: Architect Expanded – Fences
It has a patch for a tab version as well.


This is simply an alternate version from the original Vanilla Fences that simply adds Fences tab. It’s for people who has a lot of stuff on the Structures tab. This does not add anything other than that.

Don’t run this with the original!

-Changing to the original won’t delete anything apart for the settings being reset. (Thanks to Aaronthelemon for testing!)

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Original: Vanilla Fences

[Contributors]German translation:

Russian translation:
-Romwald [BY]

I’ve noticed that fences sometimes automatically set roof zones above them, even fences that don’t support roofs. They also seemingly spawn roofs in out of nowhere sometimes, which has caused some of my colonists to be injured due to these phantom roofs falling when deconstructing things. Please can fences not do this? It’s really annoying having to deal with unexpected collapses and constantly fighting the fences tendency to spawn roof areas.

Great mod!A question about fence linking, is that a way for it to be a fence by the side of a wall, not just a pole?My case: I have a 3 tiles large corridor and want to place a fence gate by the midle and one pole on each side (beyond that, it’s regular walls). But the two poles don’t link to the wall or the gate, they just remain poles. Is there a way to fix/change that?Thanks in advance!

I agree with that suspicion, it does certainly seem to be the gates causing those roofs to appear usually, though I did have an incident happen with one of my builders yesterday where no gate was involved.I had a small, 3×3 space with a latrine in the centre, an outhouse of sorts, it had a stall door from Dub’s Bad Hygiene on the front, two walls either side and 5 of the second-tier wooden fences (I don’t remember the name) around the back and sides. I set the roof over top to be removed, and it was, then I told my builders to deconstruct the whole thing. They set about doing that, removing the walls and the stall door first, but then when they went to remove the fences, suddenly 4 or so roof tiles appeared just before they removed the last fence which subsequently fell on one of them, shattering her nose.I’m sure the fence I was using doesn’t support roofs and there should have been no reason for those roofs to appear again. I’ll try and see if I can recreate it today.

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