Fallout Lasers

MOD Desc
This is an add-on to vanilla expanded – lasers.

This mod uses abandoned Project Fallout laser weapons textures and adds several new weapons, as well as new tech, which are versions of laser weapons from VEL.

Laser pistol, SMG, rifle, shotgun (tri-laser), gatling, sniper.

All are craftable on the same bench as original lasers, but require common components, and are crafted directly, instead of having random weapons pop-up.

Requires new tech Old World Weapons to be researched.

This weapons were not balanced, they are, apart from textures, effects and crafting identical to their vanilla laser counterparts. If you have ideas on how to balance them in an interesting way – feel free to post this in comments.

Rimworld is a bit of an ugly little game, its got mushy little dough people and simplified graphics. Now that the obvious is out of the way, this is probably one of the most nuanced games I’ve played, and you get out of as much as you are willing to put into it.

After you crash and burn your first few colonies on the learning curve and manage not to starve the little knobs to death, You get to pick the route you’re most interested in. Are you gonna jam the little dumplings in a room together and work them into the ground? Are you gonna make a massive self-sustaining base? Are you going to get far enough in the tech tree that when the first major illness infects your colony that you’ll watch them bounce back or will you have to helplessly watch as poor poor lucia who who was the only colonist who had any useful skills and carried everyone on her back wastes away only for her treasured pet to suffer an abortion since no one is feeding it now and eventually snap and kill two colonist in its murder spree when Lucia succumbs to the sleeping sickness?

What about combat and other colonies? Will you help the poor colonist running from their attackers? Sure its great in theory, you can loot all those sweet sweet corpses that your little blobs will whine about if you make them wear anything good (dead people wore this ewwww) but that guy you saved is a misogynistic Firestarter with a major drug addiction and now your entire screen is filled with notifications of all the fights he keeps instigating with others while you try to decide if you’re gonna farm the two prisoners for organs, smooth talk them into your growing cult or let them go and let them be their old tribes problem again and hope they don’t come back to use that level 16 shooting skill on your people. Again.

Do you like basebuilders? Good news! Do you like resource management games? Better news! Do you like watching different characters get along, get married, get a nasty divorce because that hoe bandit queen joined your troupe and broke up the two strongest people you had and now your doctor is suffering a nervous breakdown and wandering the wilds around your base and getting dangerously close to that hungry megasloth? EXCELLENT NEWS! You’ll be addicted to this game in no time if you can get past the crash and burn of the first few colonies that teach you the dangers of getting attached to the little breadsticks.

This is, without a doubt, one of my most favorite games. If you are like me, and get that itch to play anything in the vien of base or settlement building, this might be the game that you sink hundreds of hours into. The first time you play will be all about exploration. You’ll see how long you can make it, but most likely everyone will die eventually. Every playthrough after that will be about opportunity. You’ll know how to turn that cliff face into a thriving colony, or convert that empty wasteland into a formiddable fort. You can customize the difficulty in many direct and indirect ways, from choosing an AI director to choosing a biome and elevation to start in. You can decide to raise a calm, peaceful colony or throw yourself (and your people) into the fire frozen wastes by settling an ice sheet with three alcholic cannibles who are incapable of social behavoir.

One of the biggest selling points for me is the story you create. Every single pawn comes with their own story. That raider you killed had a family and a past. It’s actually possible to run into one of them later on, in another raid group or caravan. Your colonists can develope relationships with eachother. They may get married, and at some point one may cheat on the other. Eventually get divourced. Or, one could die and you’d see the other mourning at their grave. You may have a colonist who’s brother is a member of the raid. Let’s just say that things can get very dramatic very quickly. Please note: It is mandatory to name your colonists after your closests friends and loved ones and watch their eventual demise.

The game in it’s current state is very fleshed out, and with another update on the way (A17) I’m very eager to see what’s in store for us. While I am satisfied with the game right now, I feel like there’s always more elements that could be added. In particular, diplomacy and traveling.

The price might intimidate some of you. I know it seemed high to myself. I decided to give it a try anyway and let me tell you: the price is worth it. I’ve gotten so much time out of my investiment that I would have paid more had I known how good it would be.

The modding community is excellent. Once you play through a few times, you owe it to yourself to grab a few mods. They turn this already great game into an extremely customizable experience with everything from major expansions to asthetic changes to reworked gameplay.

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