Tobe’s Realistic Farming [TRF]

MOD Desc
First, I’m not english user, so my english is not good. plz understand me.
If you want to translate, plz contact me.

Tobe’s Realistic Farming mod changes the farming system and cooking system!
And adds 42 kinds of plant and 40 new food such as tea and bread.
(I’ll add more and more food. give me some ideas!)

Here is more detail description and update :

Direct download page :

Here is information of plants.

For cooking system, You can’t make food with raw harvest things.
You need to process the harvest things. Then you can make food with some effect!

Thx for watching this. It is my first mod and beta version.
So maybe there are many bugs or unbalanced things.
plz feedback that!!

PS. I’m so lack for drawing… If anyone who can make texture, plz contact me!!!

I used some texture from vegetable garden and forum’s resource.
Thx for allow it to me!

code : totobrother
art : totobrother.
translate :
Korean : destiny
Russian : Undeadcookie
French : touchscreen974

By the way, I make animon addon. plz try it!

‘Seed pleased’ patch

If you want to buy some coffee, <– here and give me 5 cent !!

You’re welcome! :)As to your Llama problem, you need to create an animal area restriction. 1) On the ‘restrictions’ tab, click ‘manage areas’. 2) Then add a new animal area, or you can use one that is already there.3) Give it a good name you will recognize.4) Once you have an area, you have to plot it out. This is done on the ‘orders’ tab, using the zoning tools. 5) At the far right is the area zoning tool. Click on it, and select your animal area from the submenu. 6) Drag a box over the area your salt is in.7) Then go back to the ‘restrictions’ tab, and ‘manage areas’ again. 8) Click ‘invert’ on your animal area.At this point, you will have an area that is everywhere *except* the area your salt is stored.9) On the animal tab, assign your llamas to this new animal area.Problem solved! Just make sure they have hay or other food somewhere else…NB: Animals following their master WILL ignore restrictions while following their master.

What I’m saying is that several mods are creating conflict, and the code of disappearing fields is getting warped or changed to actually make other things do the same as the fields. many mods make for fun but sometimes create unhappy experiences. I don’t think the cook campfire’s in your mod are supposed to disappear but they are and so are the research bench’s I stopped using the mod for a few days and nothing is disappearing but I stopped using a lot of mods along with it, attempting to narrow things down will take a lot of time on my part. but what can I do. so I will by the time i find is will all be playing 18 and it will no longer happen. I added your mod back in and I get a dazed starving person, why couldn’t he eat? there was food there and it is currently laying all over the place outside.. but hmm I have a start the berries are over the top, almost never happens in the cold rainy forests near the tundra i can’t remember its name oh well..

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