Warhammer: Gor

MOD Desc
For Rimworld 1.2, 1.1 and 1.0

For more complexity and a more unique game here’s the Rimhammer Beastmen:

Adds the Gors, Ungors and the Bullgors of the Beastmen.
This mod require Alien Framework.
Load Humanoid Alien Races before this mod.

The beastmen herd arrives at Rimworld. The big violent gors comes to raid your base. Favouring close combat they charge you while their lesser kind; the ungors joins the fray.
Protect your weaklings with bulky gors that can be sustained by eating the corpses of your enemies. Let the ungors perfrom the menial tasks and feed them with whatever is left.
Now the even deadlier bullgors joins the herd. Larger than the gors they spread devastation across the battlefields.

New races: gor, ungor and bullgor
New faction: Cloven ones
New sculptures: runestones
New apparel: furmantle, loincloth, shaman robe and hood, chainmail / helmet, bullgor plate.
New weapons: 5 melee weapons wielded by the gors

Gor: Tough and strong fighters, but slow builders and horrible researchers.
Ungor: A bit stronger than the human conterparts but a tad slower in working speed.
Bullgor: Large and deadly gors, they have a limited apparel selection but are natural tough. They tend to be gluttenous and prefer raw meat. Can’t research.
Cygor now join in on high values raids. Lobbing boulders from range at your colonist. They are tough creatures with a low pain factor making them hard to take down.

Feel free to leave a message about tweaks or any general input.

Size patch for the weapons:

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Faction mod

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  • Dragon Ogres, again big slightly faster melee meat tanks with natural armor and an ability to become stronger if they are hit by electricity (probably useless unless you or someone else adds magic to the game via modding). Shaggoths would be bigger and stronger againSome other creatures that I’m not sure on the canonicity of: (pulled from http://warhammerarmiesproject.blogspot.com/ so up to you)Preyton, flyer (so probably has same ability as harpies would have). A trait that a number of the more animalistic of the creatures associated with the beastmen might have is that after they make a kill, as long as nothing is attacking them, instead of moving on to the next target they instead stop to feast upon their ‘kill'(could include downed beings as well). As for the Preyton’s ‘Consuming Hatred’ trait maybe have it where pain doesn’t affect their mood.
  • It might be a problem with Prepare Carefully or alien framework, cos its not just your mods. Any alien races that don’t have a scenario faction attached don’t like being prepared and count as human even though their model and stats are alien. The only ways I’ve found around this was when there was a custom faction or by starting with some random pleb human then dev spawning some gors and force recruiting. Eg, Argonians of Blackmarsh have a custom faction you can select and prepare carefully seems to work for them, they actually come out as Aargonian spawnlings. Where as Wild Dragonians dont have a faction and can’t be prepared and still have offspring that are dragonian, but any spawned once in, can. Tested offspring with both the steam Children and learning, and RJW, same result.Fantasy Goblins is another one that works and has its own faction.
  • Just an idea for how you could do Minotaurs for the mod. Have as animals like you did Rat-Ogres for the Skaven but give them a large food (They are carnivorous(as far as I can recall) but maybe omnivorous would be better for balancing) requirement to keep happy/fed. To balance out the cost of keeping them make them ungodly good in melee combat. About equipping them as they’re animals maybe have it set up as an easy medical operation(maybe even set it up so that if the operation is failed the ‘doctor’ takes the damage instead of the Minotaur).Other possible tidbits to maybe include. They don’t do hauling or act as mounts though they can hunt for themselves. Possibly if you add religious ceremonies they might serve to improve the mood of Minotaurs. Possibly have it so that the minotaurs produce a usable resource (such as fur or horns, Though maybe have it where if a pawn botches a gathering attempt the pawn takes damage or possibly the Minotaur turns Manhunter).
  • A fun mod, however I feel like some of the things that normal humans dislike should be deleted when it comes to Gors, such as getting upset over tattered clothes. Also, from what I have seen, trying to have a group of only Gors is difficult as there are far less opportunities to recruit Gors than there are for Humans. This is bit of an issue when Only the small Gors are any good for researching, and you start off with very little research. This makes sense, however due to living nomadically being very, very impractical, aswell as raiding towns as you pass-by being super costly to the lives of your lads, I believe a little more balancing or additional content needs to be added in order to make being a horde of Gors truly possible without being overly difficult.As a suggestion, perhaps successfully killing raiders and visitors should have the chance to spawn a new Gor as they may be like ‘Wow these guys are strong fighters and got plenty of food, I’ll join’.
  • – An associate of mine named RaptorX will eventually publish CE:FT on Steam.Athena (the project manager) dislikes Steam and doesn’t use it, while I have a bit of an unfortunate history with the original CE team that means I can’t publish CE:FT myself on my Workshop page without drawing their ire.So for now, CE:FT is only available on GitHub, but we do intend to get it out on Steam as well.Yes, CE:FT is essentially CE pre-bundled with more patches, ammo defs and textures, so that players don’t have to mess around with third-party compatibility patches or load orders. We’ll constantly keep ourselves up-to-date with any bugfixes made to the original CE mod, and our intention is to keep bundling more and more compatibility patches under a (ideally) more frequent release cycle than CE (hence the subtitle FastTrack Edition)
  • Cockatrice, flyer (again like Harpies probably), natural armor (could make it so that any clothes made out of creatures with natural armor give more protection (possibly with added corruption if such a mechanic is added)), the main uniqueish thing about the cockatrice would be its petrifying gaze, which I’m not sure if it should be added or not, which ignores armor and health to instantly, essentially, kill a target if it hits (maybe leaving behind an artistic sculpture that the player can then use) would be pretty OP (possibly balance it with cooldown times between uses, aiming time between coming in range and firing the ability and a shorter range on it (making it something that a player can deal with but they’ll need to focus it down first before dealing with any of the other threats))

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