Increased Dodge Chance Lite A17

MOD Desc
This is the light version of the mod, pawns with 20 melee skill and in good health will reach about a 45% chance to dodge.

This mod increases a pawn’s chance to dodge melee attacks based on his/her health and melee skill, making it a more valuable ability for higher level pawns. Pawns can now have higher melee dodge chances, this makes engagements last longer between good fighters as they should be able to consistently dodge attacks, but as they get injured this chance will go down.

– Consciousness is now a factor when determining dodge chances

– Tweaked the ‘Post-processed curved’ modifier

Compatibility This is a very small mod and uses the new patching feature so it should be compatible with anything!

Can also be safely added and removed from existing save files.

My other mods: A17 Smoke Grenades
A17 Smoke Mortar

wonderful colony management, survival, combat, and depth of gameplay.
detailed stats for every creature in game.
i Had an iguana that developed dementia, a tamed bear with astma to wich i have transfered a healthy lung taken from a prisoner.
Every playtrough is unique, every load is unique , events are random and keep the game fresh.
Every colonyst is unique and with awesome mods the game becomes an even more in depth and hardcore expericne, or it can become the utopia u have dreamed to acomplish since you had a dream.
Game dificulty is set by the player, the 3 storytellers(aka game modes IMO) are incredibly well made and realy offer a great experience. After playing a few times on base builder difculty i felt ready for more chalange, i was blasted to pieces and the last dificulty with joy and tears on my face, my colony burned to ash by stormtroopers, we defended to the last one with bows and rifles. One survivor went into shock and was leftr for dead by the invaders. After the atack he came back to life only to bury his friends among the ruins of the colony. after the last tomb was dig he went crazy and locked him slef in a room and died of starvation.

WARNING: NEVER EVER NEVER EVER name any colonyst after you, your friends or anyone elso you know, they will die, thats a fact or you will end up loading to the limit of exploit.

I can go on with this but is not enough. buy it, play it, love it, hate it, play more.

I give this game an A-. It is entertaining and one of the few must buys for simulation and rts fans.


1-It is easy to get to know and care for your digital folk–and to hate them.

2-The tactics are surprisingly rich. I was suprised that by the variables that are considered, and that the AI doesn’t just straight out cheat.

3-The game is beautifully complex.

4-The developer adds material to the game regularly.


1-The research system is basically a placeholder designed to introduce the delay of tech into the system.

2-While pathfinding isn’t bugged, it is cumbersome. The mods seems to correct alot of that.

3-The Late Game is weak. I find that the end game, where you blast of planet, when you regularly ship stuff back and forth with spacefaring traders, to be foolish. You could leave with those traders or book fare at any time. Considering that the game is story driven, it is enough to pull you out of the story.


The ability to trade tech, and research rare tech trees would be useful. Artifact tech would also give this part of the system a boost. Adding risk to the tech process (e.g. insanity, drawing corp strikes, mood mods) would spice it up too.

The limit on area definitions needs to be raised dramatically. Pathing can be compensated for with more areas, but the 5 for animals is far too low.

More endings.

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